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Enjoy the Sunshine with a Fun Family Picnic!

One of my family’s favorite summer activities is picnicking in the local park. It’s a great way to spice up the usual mealtime routine and bring the family closer! Here are some easy steps to take when planning your picnic adventure:

1. When planning out the menu, choose dishes that don’t need a lot of fuss. After all, you will be sitting on the ground enjoying them. When I’m packing the Keeley picnic basket, I start with Libby’s Vegetables and make a variety of delicious meals. From Old-fashioned Potato Salad to Taco Salad to Cornbread Muffins, Libby’s Vegetables are an easy and cost-effective start to a great picnic spread!

2. While it’s important to pack the treats, don’t forget the entertainment! Soccer balls, jump ropes and board games are always a good option, or you can make up your own game. For example, we love to play Pirate Hide & Seek. It’s just like the original, only we all pretend to be – you guessed it – pirates! It’s just another spin on an old favorite, but helps inspire my kids’ creativity.

3. Involve the family in planning your picnic! Assign roles to get your kids involved – someone can be in charge of the blankets, another can gather the toys and someone else can help pack the food. With everyone pitching in, it’ll make the process easier on mom and get everyone excited for the outdoor adventure!

Stay tuned for more fun summer ideas from me, and share your own. I would love to hear your favorite family summertime moments or picnic tips – let me know in the comments box. Hope you have a wonderful summer!

Final Pit Stop in Dover

Hey Race Fans! Another great weekend at the Libby’s tent out in Dover this past weekend. We had rain again but, when the sun was shining I was thrilled to meet so many of you who had traveled so far. Great to see the fans still coming out the races with such a strong presence! As for my husband, we started at the back of the pack but raced hard and fought our way to a 16th place finish.

Sad to report that this will be my final post on, but I will be checking the website from time to time to see what new winning solutions have been posted, so keep them coming! This has been such an incredible ride and I have enjoyed meeting all of you and your families, learning about your favorite recipes and also seeing the passion that NASCAR fans have all across the country.

There’s still time to enter your recipe online for your chance to win so, thanks for all of the great memories and suggestions and keep tuning into the race action every weekend. I really enjoyed meeting all of you!

Celebrating Memorial Day in Charlotte

Hey Race Fans! What a crazy two weeks of racing! From the #31 team winning the Pit Crew Challenge to the rain clouds that never seemed to leave the sky this weekend, we really had a whirlwind SpeedWeek here in Charlotte. I have to say, all of you fans are such troopers for spending hours and hours in the rain, cheering on your favorite drivers on Monday afternoon. We didn’t get the whole race in, but at least those in attendance got to see some race action this weekend.

We had a huge turnout at the Libby’s tent over the weekend where I got to meet so many families who shared great family vacation stories with me and the Libby’s folks. I remember the one couple from Maine who drove all the way to Charlotte and spent the entire week in the infield and managed to spend only $50 on groceries! I asked them how they did it on such a tight budget and they told me lots of crock pot dishes, buying in bulk, and of course, canned Libby’s veggies!

My kids were out at the track with me this weekend with the dogs and we had such a great Memorial Day weekend cooking on the grill and trying out some of the Kicked-up Libby’s recipes. We have a busy week ahead of us but, for those of you headed to Dover this weekend, be sure to stop by the Libby’s tent to come and see me and the team! Thanks everyone!

Joining Libby's for a Second Pit Stop in Phoenix!

Hi Race fans… Great race this weekend here in the desert in Avondale, Arizona, and we’re thrilled for our good friend Mark Martin and his win! Jeff had a solid race and came in 15th place. As always, I was there, supporting Jeff atop the Pit Box, keeping track of lap times. Night races always get us excited because the fans out under the lights really get into the race action. This weekend was especially fun for me because I got to meet all of the great fans that stopped by the Libby’s “Get Back to the Table” tent.

I really appreciated all of the support and kind words the fans shared about me and my family. A great tip I learned this week was from a tailgating NASCAR mom who says she uses Libby’s Vegetables in her chili that she makes out in the infield because it’s easy to pack and she doesn’t have to worry about food spoiling while she’s far from the grocery store! Great thinking!

We love being a part of your NASCAR experience and now, with all of the “winning solutions” that you’ve been sharing with us at the Libby’s tent, your ideas are becoming a part of our life as well. Keep those ideas coming and don’t forget to submit your recipes for a chance to win a trip to NYC or Daytona Beach, FL! Keep an eye out for us at our next stop in Charlotte!


Kicking Off My Libby's Partnership in Texas!

What an exciting weekend at the Texas Motor Speedway this weekend! I began celebrating my partnership with Libby’s Vegetables Saturday morning when I visited the Get Back to the Table tent and had the opportunity to meet many fans that were very eager to share their favorite tailgating recipes. As visitors to the tent tried the delicious Kicked Up Mac n’ Cheese recipe that our talented chefs had prepared, I had the opportunity to talk to fans about their winning solutions for family mealtime. While I shared my tips of keeping things simple at home and relying on my slow cooker, fans shared their tips and tricks for how they celebrate victory at home with their families. My favorite was a mom who told me that she uses canned Libby’s veggies with soup packets to kick up her favorite hamburger recipes. I got so many great tips from the fans. I can’t wait to try them! After my visit to the Libby’s Get Back to the Table tent, I went back to our motorhome in the infield and wished Jeff luck as he took off to begin practice. That afternoon Jeff competed in the Nationwide Series race. He led some laps and ran up front most of the event and eventually finished eighth.

Sunday was an adventure all on its own! I started the day of the Cup race by waking up early, doing a little bit of work on my laptop and then took off to meet more fans at the Libby’s tent. This day, visitors to the tent tried the Libby’s Mediterranean Meatloaf. Mmmm – what a great tailgating dish! I heard the Libby’s Corn Bread recipe on Friday was just as good! The chefs told me they used grape jelly to kick up their meatloaf. Maybe this is finally a way to get my kids to try my recipe! Don’t forget to download the recipe before logging off. I even got a to-go bag to bring back to the crew as I knew they’d love it too… A little bit of “fuel” before the race couldn’t hurt.

After leaving the Libby’s tent, I headed down to pre-race with Jeff, as I normally do and had to put on a few layers because it was a chilly, windy day in Fort Worth. I don’t mind the weather much, as long as I can sit atop the pit box and cheer my husband on. He wound up ninth.

It was wonderful meeting all of you passionate fans this weekend. Keep sending your recipes in and stopping by the Libby’s tent!

Pot Luck Dinners Help You Stay on Budget and Bring Friends & Family Together

I love hosting dinner parties for my friends and family because the kids get to play with their friends while the grown-ups dine and chat. Unfortunately, considering how times have been, dinner parties have been on hold… but actually, they don’t need to be any more! Ever tried hosting a potluck dinner? It’s such a fun concept and also a great way to connect with friends and family without breaking the bank.

What you do is invite a few families over and tell them to bring their favorite dish. To make sure you don’t have too much of one item and not enough of another, divide the menu into three categories – main dishes, sides, and desserts – and let every family choose something from one of those categories. You’ll have a well-rounded feast in no time and you won’t need to cook more than the usual Friday night dinner. And to top it off, there’s no need to worry about a babysitter!

For those of you lucky enough to have beautiful weather, take your pot luck outdoors! With a pot luck picnic, not only can your kids play outside like we used to do back when we were younger, but, you’ll also get to enjoy beautiful spring weather. You can even turn on the grill and have your friends bring the sides, like potato salad, pasta salad or even just a can of Libby’s sweet corn. Any of these sides are always a hit.

That’s my Winning Solution. How about yours? If you have any Winning Solutions for getting back to the table while stretching grocery dollars, we’d love to hear them! Submit them here. And stay tuned over the next couple of months as Kim Burton, wife of NASCAR driver Jeff Burton and mom of two, joins us from the track. She’ll be blogging from the Get Back to the Table tent at select speedways about how she keeps her family together on the road and what she’s learned from fellow moms!