Get Back To The Table

Celebrating Memorial Day in Charlotte

May 26, 2009

Hey Race Fans! What a crazy two weeks of racing! From the #31 team winning the Pit Crew Challenge to the rain clouds that never seemed to leave the sky this weekend, we really had a whirlwind SpeedWeek here in Charlotte. I have to say, all of you fans are such troopers for spending hours and hours in the rain, cheering on your favorite drivers on Monday afternoon. We didn’t get the whole race in, but at least those in attendance got to see some race action this weekend.

We had a huge turnout at the Libby’s tent over the weekend where I got to meet so many families who shared great family vacation stories with me and the Libby’s folks. I remember the one couple from Maine who drove all the way to Charlotte and spent the entire week in the infield and managed to spend only $50 on groceries! I asked them how they did it on such a tight budget and they told me lots of crock pot dishes, buying in bulk, and of course, canned Libby’s veggies!

My kids were out at the track with me this weekend with the dogs and we had such a great Memorial Day weekend cooking on the grill and trying out some of the Kicked-up Libby’s recipes. We have a busy week ahead of us but, for those of you headed to Dover this weekend, be sure to stop by the Libby’s tent to come and see me and the team! Thanks everyone!