Get Back To The Table

Enjoy the Sunshine with a Fun Family Picnic!

Jun 29, 2009

One of my family’s favorite summer activities is picnicking in the local park. It’s a great way to spice up the usual mealtime routine and bring the family closer! Here are some easy steps to take when planning your picnic adventure:

1. When planning out the menu, choose dishes that don’t need a lot of fuss. After all, you will be sitting on the ground enjoying them. When I’m packing the Keeley picnic basket, I start with Libby’s Vegetables and make a variety of delicious meals. From Old-fashioned Potato Salad to Taco Salad to Cornbread Muffins, Libby’s Vegetables are an easy and cost-effective start to a great picnic spread!

2. While it’s important to pack the treats, don’t forget the entertainment! Soccer balls, jump ropes and board games are always a good option, or you can make up your own game. For example, we love to play Pirate Hide & Seek. It’s just like the original, only we all pretend to be – you guessed it – pirates! It’s just another spin on an old favorite, but helps inspire my kids’ creativity.

3. Involve the family in planning your picnic! Assign roles to get your kids involved – someone can be in charge of the blankets, another can gather the toys and someone else can help pack the food. With everyone pitching in, it’ll make the process easier on mom and get everyone excited for the outdoor adventure!

Stay tuned for more fun summer ideas from me, and share your own. I would love to hear your favorite family summertime moments or picnic tips – let me know in the comments box. Hope you have a wonderful summer!