Get Back To The Table

Final Pit Stop in Dover

Jun 02, 2009

Hey Race Fans! Another great weekend at the Libby’s tent out in Dover this past weekend. We had rain again but, when the sun was shining I was thrilled to meet so many of you who had traveled so far. Great to see the fans still coming out the races with such a strong presence! As for my husband, we started at the back of the pack but raced hard and fought our way to a 16th place finish.

Sad to report that this will be my final post on, but I will be checking the website from time to time to see what new winning solutions have been posted, so keep them coming! This has been such an incredible ride and I have enjoyed meeting all of you and your families, learning about your favorite recipes and also seeing the passion that NASCAR fans have all across the country.

There’s still time to enter your recipe online for your chance to win so, thanks for all of the great memories and suggestions and keep tuning into the race action every weekend. I really enjoyed meeting all of you!