Get Back To The Table

Kicking Off My Libby's Partnership in Texas!

Apr 06, 2009

What an exciting weekend at the Texas Motor Speedway this weekend! I began celebrating my partnership with Libby’s Vegetables Saturday morning when I visited the Get Back to the Table tent and had the opportunity to meet many fans that were very eager to share their favorite tailgating recipes. As visitors to the tent tried the delicious Kicked Up Mac n’ Cheese recipe that our talented chefs had prepared, I had the opportunity to talk to fans about their winning solutions for family mealtime. While I shared my tips of keeping things simple at home and relying on my slow cooker, fans shared their tips and tricks for how they celebrate victory at home with their families. My favorite was a mom who told me that she uses canned Libby’s veggies with soup packets to kick up her favorite hamburger recipes. I got so many great tips from the fans. I can’t wait to try them! After my visit to the Libby’s Get Back to the Table tent, I went back to our motorhome in the infield and wished Jeff luck as he took off to begin practice. That afternoon Jeff competed in the Nationwide Series race. He led some laps and ran up front most of the event and eventually finished eighth.

Sunday was an adventure all on its own! I started the day of the Cup race by waking up early, doing a little bit of work on my laptop and then took off to meet more fans at the Libby’s tent. This day, visitors to the tent tried the Libby’s Mediterranean Meatloaf. Mmmm – what a great tailgating dish! I heard the Libby’s Corn Bread recipe on Friday was just as good! The chefs told me they used grape jelly to kick up their meatloaf. Maybe this is finally a way to get my kids to try my recipe! Don’t forget to download the recipe before logging off. I even got a to-go bag to bring back to the crew as I knew they’d love it too… A little bit of “fuel” before the race couldn’t hurt.

After leaving the Libby’s tent, I headed down to pre-race with Jeff, as I normally do and had to put on a few layers because it was a chilly, windy day in Fort Worth. I don’t mind the weather much, as long as I can sit atop the pit box and cheer my husband on. He wound up ninth.

It was wonderful meeting all of you passionate fans this weekend. Keep sending your recipes in and stopping by the Libby’s tent!