We are an industry leader that brings great tasting and nutritious products to families all over the world. We place special emphasis on the sustainability and ecological well-being of our farms. Libby’s is dedicated to responsible practices across the board, from recycling and lowering our carbon footprint to efficiently using energy resources, conserving water, and optimizing packaging.

So, whenever you enjoy Libby’s products, know that you’re also enjoying decades of sustainable farm-fresh tradition. That’s something we can all feel good about.

Hand running thru grass


We believe that healthy eating is essential to healthy living, and it’s our mission to bring nutrient-rich vegetables to people all over the world. Our produce is packed at the peak of freshness to retain its nutrients and flavor for a shelf-stable, delicious addition to your pantry.

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We are constantly developing new systems and procedures that not only keep us in compliance with ever-changing regulations, but also reflect our commitment to preserving a healthy environment.

  • Sustainable agriculture advisors and environmental coordinators are present at each Libby’s location.
  • Production fields are mapped and surveyed to protect ecologically sensitive areas.
  • Our products are not genetically modified. Some product formulations may include genetically engineered ingredients such as oils or starches.
tractor in a field


Quality control starts in the field and doesn’t end until the product is in our consumers’ hands. If we have one foot in the fields, we have the other on the plant floor.

  • All plants are certified according to BRC guidelines recognized by Global Food Safety Initiative.
  • Sophisticated quality control systems through continual investments in technology.
  • Strict adherence to thermal process guidelines, testing procedures, grade specifications, employee training, and auditing ensure food preparation is among the safest and most efficient in the world.
  • Most Libby’s products are packaged in BPA-free containers.