Eat Well

Get Back to School, Get Back to the Table

Aug 18, 2015

The start of a new school year is often synonymous with stressful schedules. Between hectic mornings and jam-packed afternoons, it can be tricky to find time for a wholesome sit-down meal, let alone a healthy snack. But proper nutrition is a key ingredient to success both in and out of the classroom. The good news? Well-balanced, kid-friendly meals can be as easy as A-B-C. The following three recipes—created especially for Libby’s fans by Iron Chef America judge, restauranteur and mom Donatella Arpaia—will teach you how it’s done.

Breakfast of Mini Champs

Lesson #1: veggies aren’t just for lunch and dinner. Try these Scrambled Eggs with Peppers & Peas (made with a Libby’s® Sweet Peas Vegetable Cup), and sneak in two whole servings of vegetables before the first school bell even rings. They’re also packed with protein, which will help sustain stamina until lunchtime.

Give Greens the Green Light

Lesson #2: kids can learn to like salads! All you need is one ingredient they already love (e.g. grilled chicken) and a generous sprinkling of cheese (opt for a low-fat version like parmesan or part-skim mozzarella). Start their lesson plan with this Mexican Chicken and Corn Salad, featuring a Libby’s® Sweet Corn Vegetable Cup and Organic Black Beans.

Variety is the Spice of Dinner


Lesson #3: if they’re picky, let them pick. When it comes to food, empowering your kids with choices—even small ones—can increase their likelihood of eating (and actually enjoying) the meal. This flavorful and hearty Turkey Bolognese with Peas and Carrots (made with a Libby’s® Peas & Carrots Vegetable Cup) can be served in three fun ways: sloppy joe style, over “little ears” pasta or as mini sliders. Let your eater decide, and rest easy knowing they’ll consume a full serving of veggies no matter what.