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Haylie Duff Talks Summer Entertaining, Grilling and the Key to a Perfect Outdoor Party

Jun 14, 2017

A Q&A Discussion with the Actress, TV Host and Mother

Summer is (finally) here! What do you enjoy most about summer entertaining compared to entertaining other times of the year?  

I am all about summer entertaining! I love to grill and cook outside, so I always love when the weather warms up and we get to bring it outdoors! There are so many ways to get creative cooking outdoors and a lot less cleanup! During an episode of Haylie’s America (in Louisiana) I fell in love with cooking in cast iron over an open flame. I think it reminded me of my Texas roots. Now, my favorite summer recipe is paella cooked outside. Libby’s Sweet Peas Pouch are a perfect addition!

When temperatures climb, the last place many of us want to be is the kitchen. What tips do you have for keeping things cool while cooking? 

Well, one great way is to sip on something cool…like agua fresca! I also tend to eat lighter during the summer. My Pea Pesto Salmon is a great summer recipe because it is nutritious and has a bright flavor to lighten up your taste buds!

Pea Pesto Salmon

What would you say are the two most important components for a hosting a successful summer dinner party?

I always say that a relaxed vibe is the #1 component for ANY successful dinner party! No one wants a stressed out hostess. The 2nd most important would be to consider the warm temperatures! Don’t serve dinner outdoors if it is too warm outside without providing shade and cold drinks! No matter how good the food might be, no one will enjoy baking in the sun. Umbrellas are always a good idea!

Much of summer entertaining revolves around the BBQ. What are some of your go-to sides to serve alongside grilled entrees?  

I LOVE veggies on a grill. Kabobs are always a win. Layering chicken, shrimp, etc. with whole mushrooms is my go to. The mushrooms tend to absorb flavors well and I love keeping them whole. I also really love kabobs with halved sweet onions. For those of you that ready my blog, you know I don’t dig raw onions! I do however love caramelized and BBQ ones…

Editor’s note: Haylie created a special side dish recipe just for Libby’s® fans – Southern Style Green Beans! Check it out here.

Southern Style Green Beans

What’s your favorite summer beverage to serve with a warm weather feast? 

Agua frescas, white wine sangrias, or cucumber infused water! Anything nice and chilled!