Eat Well

Kitchen Tool Gifts for Healthy Holidays

Dec 23, 2013

By Deanna Segrave-Daly, RD, LDN

I’m a fairly practical girl when it comes to cooking gadgets and kitchen tools. If it’s a one trick pony, chances are it’s not taking up space in my kitchen. Instead, I stick to cooking tools that can do more than one task and can ultimately help me in preparing healthy food. Here I’ve compiled a list of ideas for people on your gift list who are resolving to eat better and cook more often in the New Year – which may include you!

Chef’s Knife – A good sharp chef’s knife is one of the most important tools to healthy cooking. Chopping, slicing, cubing and peeling fruits and vegetables is often the only barrier to cooking them so this knife really can be your gateway to all kinds of nutritious eating.

Salad Spinner – It does the obvious of cleaning salad greens but this wonderful twirling strainer can do so much more to prep healthy ingredients. Use it to clean and thoroughly dry Libby’s® Organic Garbanzo Beans before making Salt and Vinegar Roasted Garbanzo Beans. Strain and rinse canned beans to get rid of extra sodium. Wash, spin and dry fresh herbs or berries before eating.

Stick/Immersion Blender – This hand held gadget is the main reason that my daughter and I eat more vegetables. I use it to make creamy vegetable soups right in the pot or for blending in extra cooked veggies like onions, zucchini and peppers into tomato sauce. Blend cooked sweet potatoes in hummus or the sauce for mac & cheese. It’s also a handy tool for making homemade baby food and applesauce.

Hand Held Grater/Zester – Often referred to as a microplane®, I regularly use this fine tooth grater for adding lemon, lime or orange zest to anything from roasted veggies to baked goods. It’s fantastic for grating aged cheese over pasta (you’ll use less compared to spooning it out) and I also use it to grate whole nutmeg into coffee, smoothies and even sautéed greens. All delicious ways to add extra flavor without a lot of extra calories.

Food Scale – It doesn’t have to an expensive one but having a food scale is very beneficial when it comes to portion control. It also can help improve your baking skills as exact measurements result in superior baked goods!