Eat Well

National Eat Your Vegetables Day is June 17th!

Jun 16, 2016

We all know it’s important to eat a diet full of nutrient-rich veggies, but chowing adequate amounts of produce can be easier said than done. Case in point: a recent study by the CDC revealed less than 9 percent of Americans meet the USDA’s recommended vegetable intake of 2 to 3 cups per day. With National Eat Your Vegetables Day approaching on June 17th, there’s no better time to start sneaking more of these feel-good gems on your plate. Check out the following Libby’s recipes–each featuring multiple types of veggies—for tasty, timely inspiration.

Say Hello to Salad


Salads are a great way to consume loads of different veggies all in one dish. This Peas, Carrots & Candied Walnut Salad delivers three types of produce: soft butter lettuce, sweet peas and diced carrots. It’s topped with sweet and crunchy walnuts and tangy feta cheese for an unforgettable medley of flavor.

Jazz Up the Classics

Another pro tip for consuming more veggies: just add them to your favorite dishes! This Turkey Tetrazzini with Green Beans and Mushrooms dresses up classic egg noodle pasta with and hearty diced turkey, creamy mushrooms and French-style green beans. It’s delectable as a hot main course or can also be chilled in the fridge and served up as a summer picnic side dish.

Health-ify Old Favorites


Health-ify your favorite takeout items by creating them at home. This allows you to control sodium levels and is also an ideal opportunity to toss in bonus veggies. The next time you’re craving Chinese, pull out this recipe for Mixed Veggie Fried Rice. It unites Libby’s® Mixed Vegetables with healthier-for-you brown rice. You can also switch it up—or add even more veggies—with Libby’s® Sliced Carrots, Libby’s® Sweet Peas, Libby’s® Cut Green Beans or Libby’s® Sweet Corn.