Lunch with Kids

Packing your child's lunch for school or a family road trip is an opportunity to have fun with them while sharing life tips about nutrition and self-sufficiency. Here are a few tips for parents interested in making those lunches away from home a bit more special.

Top 10 tips for Packing Lunch with Kids

  1. Get your kids involved in menu planning – each of them is a Little Chef waiting to happen.
  2. Take your kids on the grocery run with you, and let them pick out a few items they can include in their lunches.
  3. To save some time, try including nutritious and healthy foods that are already packaged. Our Vegetable Cups are the perfect option.
  4. Get creative — one of our favorite tricks is using cookie cutters to create sandwiches in fun shapes.
  5. A paper sack can be a canvas — bring crayons for the ride to school so kids can decorate their lunch.
  6. Pack your lunches the night before. This will save you some time and keep you from rushing out the door in the morning.
  7. Follow a lunch packing formula: A protein, vegetable, fruit, and a treat will help you get started.
  8. Kids are always in the mood for something sweet — try making our Morning Glory Muffins with Libby’s Sliced Carrots for a delicious treat on the go.
  9. It’s easy to turn Libby’s Vegetable Cups into cute critters that will delight your kids like little Green Bean Turtles and Yellow Corn Chicks. 
  10. Enjoy all the happy smiles with these fun lunches!




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