Eat Well

Stretch Your Budget and Fill Your Shopping Cart: Tips for Saving

Aug 16, 2013

If you’re feeling the heat at the checkout counter, you’re not alone. Rising costs of everyday staples have moms wondering how they can afford to leave the supermarket each week with enough food to feed their families. The Worldwatch Institute says that food prices rose 2.7% in 2012, and that population growth and extreme weather conditions are reasons to believe that prices will continue to rise over the next few decades. Here are some tips to help your family maximize your dollars in the grocery store and your time spent at the dinner table.

Pinch Pennies in the Pantry

Five minutes in your pantry can save you big bucks and time at the supermarket. Before your trip to the store, spend some time checking out what you already have in stock. That leftover can of veggies you bought last month could be a perfect side dish to your grilled chicken tenders!

Boost Budget Basics

It would be great if every mom had time to shop alone, but in reality, most moms need to take their kids along to the grocery store. Stay focused and on-budget while shopping with the kids by creating a learning experience. Before you set out, show them your list and explain that this is exactly what the family needs for the week. Divide the list and get the kids involved in hunting for the essentials, saving you time and sanity! Older children can put their math skills to real-world use, weighing apples, counting cans of peas and calculating sale prices.

Buying Bulk on a Budget

Buying in bulk is an art form. Splurge only on products that you know you will use so waste is minimal. Paper towels or toilet paper, for example, do not expire and are always handy. The same rule goes for canned foods, some dried packaged foods and meats that can be separated into family-portion sizes and properly frozen for extended periods.

Plan Ahead

Time is precious when you have a big family and busy schedule. Block off time on Sundays to plan a week’s worth of meals so you can spend more time with your family and less time in the grocery aisle. First check your pantry to see what you already have in stock. For a little inspiration, search online for quick and easy recipes you can reheat or repurpose throughout the week. Our Facebook and Pinterest pages are great places to start!