Crafting with Kids

At Libby's Vegetables, we believe kids deserve healthy snacks and meals -- and they also deserve activities that feed their creativity. We also know that busy parents can use a little help. Here are some tips for planning crafty fun that will stimulate their young minds and keep their hands busy.

Top 10 tips for Crafting with Kids

    1. Keep materials in stock for planned or spontaneous projects. The necessities include paper, colored pencils, markers, tape, glue and scissors.
    2. Crafting can get a little messy! Consider covering surfaces with newspaper for easy clean up.
    3. Repurposing items for art projects cultivates creativity and thriftiness — empty Libby’s cans and vegetable cups can be used to make all sorts of sculptures and knickknacks
    4. The internet has free resources galore for all sorts of kid-friendly crafts. A quick search will yield printable instructions and templates.
    5. Keep it safe — adults should always handle sharp objects, such as scissors, for your kids.​
    6. Crafting can take some time, so keep your kids fueled with a snack! Try our Sweet Corn Frozen Pops for a quick and easy treat.
    7. Encourage your pop-art prodigy to draw or paint subjects from the pantry – like our Sweet Peas or Sliced Carrots.​
    8. Mistakes happen. Reassure your kids that not every craft is going to turn out exactly as planned. Practice makes perfect!
    9. Stay flexible — if your child wants to take a project in a different direction, encourage them. Creativity goes hand-in-hand with spontaneity and rule-breaking.​
    10. Be sure to put their creations on display. Make sure they sign their names to the work and give it a title –what artists do.