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Surviving Winter: Warm Recipes to Get Cozy With

Dec 29, 2016

Baby, it’s cold outside – and we’re not just talking about the classic Christmas jingle! It’s that time of year again when even the heaviest layers of your warmest clothing can’t protect you from the bone-chilling winds. We all know that nothing makes a cold winter night more tolerable than digging into a warm, hearty meal to satisfy you to the very tips of your toes – preferably by the fireplace! If you’re in search for warm and comforting fare for the whole family, you’re in luck with these recipes that will make you happy to stay inside and away from what may seem like the arctic tundra.

Getting Hot, Hot, Hot!

Hot-Off-The-Griddle Corn Cakes

Before you leave the house, start your day warmly with these Hot-Off-The-Griddle Corn Cakes, made with Libby’s® Whole Kernel Sweet Corn. This filling and flavorful breakfast item will have your belly thanking you – especially when paired with a warm cup of fresh brewed coffee or tea. 

Chilly Evenings Filled with Chili

Quick Chicken Chili

With the temperature outside dropping – your motivation to cook for more than 30 minutes most likely is too. Why spend your whole night in the kitchen when you can whip up this Quick Chicken Chili in 20 minutes, giving you and the family ample time to get cozy and spend time together after dinner!

Dust off the Slow Cooker

Herbed Chicken and Veggies (Slow Cooker)

This Herbed Chicken and Veggies (Slow Cooker) recipe brings heat to a whole new meaning – and not just temperature wise! Combined with chicken seasoned to perfection and succulent, nutritious Libby’s® vegetables, this recipe will be sure to warm up everyone’s heart and soul. Just throw the ingredients into your slow-cooker, let it go to work, and come home and enjoy. Bonus points if it’s eaten on the couch while covered in blankets.