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Heart Healthy February with Libby’s®

February is all about celebrating your heart, including both Valentine’s Day and the American Heart Association’s American Heart Month, making it the perfect time of the year to make sure your heart health is in check!

The best way to keep your heart healthy is through your dietary habits and the best place to start is at home.  Eating out means less control over how your food is prepared, with meals often including extra additives like butter which is high in saturated fats. Cooking at home allows you to have control over what ingredients go into your meal, giving you the opportunity  to add beneficial heart health components, such as unsaturated fats and fiber.

A great way to ensure you have a wide range of vitamins and minerals is by adding color to your diet. Libby’s® is here to help! Libby’s® Canned Fruit and Vegetables are an easy and nutritious additive to your everyday meals. Sometimes, the preparation of vegetables can be time consuming and if you are in a rush it is easy to leave them out, but Libby’s® makes meal prep easier than ever! All of Libby’s® Fruits & Vegetables are perfectly prepared and tender, all you have to do is open the can and warm them (if you choose) to have a full serving of fruits or vegetables.

Canned vegetables are healthy for you, containing all the vitamins and minerals as fresh vegetables to make for a balanced diet. Libby’s® has a wide variety of choices that can be incorporated into your diet in a variety of ways, such as a beet hummus, vegetable soup, or salad. Whichever you choose, Libby’s® helps make it easy, simple, and tasty.

By adding an extra serving of vegetables to your meal, you will be filling yourself up with nutrient dense foods – ultimately contributing to a healthier heart and slimming the chances of heart issues in the future.

Here are some extra tips to keep in mind for when you are cooking at home:

  1. Lightly sauté Libby’s® vegetables with olive oil for a heart healthy boost of omega-3s and to bring out even more flavor. For example, Libby’s® Sliced Carrots are already peeled and sliced – just turn on the heat, pop open the can, lightly sauté, and you are ready to go!
  2. Avoid cooking with butter which is a saturated fat and can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Try cooking with an alternative such as olive oil which is an unsaturated fat. For fats, think anything solid at room temperature is a saturated fat.
  3. Include more heart healthy fats in your diet, like salmon, nuts, avocado, and oils. Salmon is high in omega-3s and can reduce risk of CVD. Nuts are a healthy fat that you can add to salads, pasta and so many other meals – you can even eat them as a snack on their own!


Here are some of Libby’s® easy to cook, and heart healthy recipes to try this month!


Pea Pesto Salmon made with Libby’s® Sweet Peas

Fact: Peas are a great source of protein, pair with salmon for increased protein and heart healthy fats.



Roasted Beet Salsa made with Libby’s® Sliced Beets

Fact: High blood pressure is one of the leading risk factors for heart diseases. Studies have shown that beets can significantly lower blood pressure, therefore lowering the risk of heart issues.



Maple Roasted Beets and Carrots made using Libby’s® Sliced Beets and Sliced Carrots

Fact: Carrots are packed with carotenoids, fiber and vitamins to help your heart.



For more recipe ideas and inspiration, check out Libby’s® Recipe Box and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.



Game Day Recipes

America’s most-anticipated game of the year deserves some touchdown-worthy eats to go along with it. Whether you’re hosting or attending a game day watch party with family and friends, here are some easy and delicious recipes made with Libby’s® Fruits & Vegetables that are sure to score with everyone.

A Must-Have

Everyone will be looking for chips and dip when they arrive. Prepare this Seven Layer Dip using a variety of Libby’s® Whole Kernel Sweet Corn and Libby’s® Cut Green Beans to satisfy everyone’s cravings between touchdowns.


America’s Favorite

What’s game day without a delicious bowl of chili? There’s no need to spend hours in the kitchen, instead whip up this Quick Chicken Chili using Libby’s® Whole Kernel Sweet Corn for your guests and get back to the game.

Perfect Combo

Chicken and cheese are always a good match. Whip up this Mixed Veggie & Chicken Quesadilla made with Libby’s® Mixed Vegetables. Slice into triangles before serving and guests can quickly grab during commercial breaks.


Your Game Time Plan with Libby’s®

By Catherine Sebastian, MS, RD, CDN


Whether it’s football, basketball, or an afternoon get together, there’s no one who doesn’t love an awesome party.  Whether you are hosting or bringing something to attend a party, you want be ahead of the game and snack smart!


What’s on TV might be the main event, but the spread on the table is what keeps the party happy and cheering. There can be a lot of stress and hustle when hosting, and we recommend keeping it simple with great tasting party dishes that are quick, easy, and of course a crowd pleaser! Libby’s® Canned Vegetables a perfect ingredient to help get you started because they can be used in so many ways.


Parties are where extra calories can sneak up. We recommend drafting up a game plan of smart recipes so you and your guests can eat well while having fun!


If you are hosting, you have the upper hand of controlling most of the food choices. We recommend loading up on veggies. Sometimes people forget about serving veggies completely or only put out a tray of raw cut up veggies that no one touches. Switch up the plan this year and get creative with veggie-packed recipes that make carrots, peas or corn the star ingredient.


Libby’s® is a perfect and easy solution to add a boost of nutrition, all while adding delicious flavor. Simply pop open the can and make into a dip, wrap, or chili. No one will even know it’s a better-for-you recipe!


Set up a Game Plan to navigate the party and follow the tips below to make sure you’re the true winner of the game.

  1. Bring a safe snack! You do not know what everyone else is making, bring a snack or dish that you know is nutritious and loaded with your favorite Libby’s® Canned Vegetables. You can munch on this safe snack if other options are not best – let us call this your “safe zone.”
  2. Hands down! Eating with your hands can lead to mindless eating, instead grab a plate and fork, pick a few items you like, and sit down to give attention to what you are eating.  You will find yourself much more satisfied eating this way, rather than eating a whole bag of chips you did not even realize.
  3. Focus on the game and the people! Put the plate down, root for your favorite team, and enjoy the company of friends and family.


Libby’s® Fruits & Vegetables can help make your party a winner! Check out these easy and nutritious recipes below to score a win for your next get together!


Smoky Skillet Hot Corn Dip made with Libby’s® Whole Kernel Sweet Corn



Whipped Feta and Corn Crostini made with Libby’s® Whole Kernel Sweet Corn



Black Bean and Bacon Veggie Bites made with Libby’s® Mixed Vegetables



For more recipe ideas and inspiration, check out Libby’s® Recipe Box and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

New Year, Same You

Every January many of us start off the new year with resolutions, proclaiming your personal new year, new me mantras. However, here at Libby’s® Fruit and Vegetables we don’t believe you need to reinvent yourself because you’re already great!


For 2019, let’s focus on the same you with goals to achieve along the way. Find the motivation to become the best possible version of yourself that you can be – New Year, Same You!

And, what better way to start than from the inside out. A well-balanced diet can provide you with greater energy throughout the day, more brain power, stronger immune system, better sleep, the list goes on!

Below are a few recipes to try out this new year, featuring nutritional benefits and delicious flavor thanks to Libby’s® Fruit and Vegetables. 


Light & Filling

Breakfast made easy! Make these Mini Cheese Quiches with Corn and Chives using Libby’s® Whole Kernel Sweet Corn during the weekend, then simply reheat in the morning before heading out the door for a quick and nutritious start to the day.

Mini Cheese Quiches

Simple & Veggies Packed

Full of Libby’s® Sliced Carrots and Sweet Peas, this Herbed Chicken and Veggies prepared in your slow cooker is a delicious and nutritious dinner the entire family will enjoy. Plus, it’s so easy to make avoiding takeout will be easy peasy.

Herbed Chicken and Veggies

Hearty & Healthy

Try this delicious combination of Salmon and Dill Green Bean Salad using Libby’s® Cut Green Beans for a protein-packed lunch or dinner that’s full of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Serve with your favorite whole grain, like brown rice or pumpernickel bread.

Salmon Dill Green Bean Salad

New Year, New Veggies

As we prepare to kick of 2019 with new goals and aspirations, one of the most common resolutions is to improve your diet and nutrition. There are countless recipes that are packed with veggies, beans and whole grains that are perfect to enjoy on a Meatless Monday or any day of the week!


Try a few of Libby’s favorite vegetarian recipes to jump start your new year and indulge in a bit of clean eating.

Barley Bliss

Wondering what to serve with barley? Try this Lean Green Warm Barley Salad to heat up your winter night and satisfy your taste buds. Mix in Libby’s® Cut Green Beans and Sweet Peas to add delicious flavor and nutrition.

Barley Salad

Veggie Fix

Who said vegetarian meals aren’t filling? Obviously, they haven’t tried this delicious and simple Vegetarian Lasagna prepared with Libby’s® Mixed Vegetables. Taking only 15 minutes to prepare, this lasagna recipe offers all the flavor of a traditional lasagna with nutritious whole wheat pasta, three decadent cheeses, and lots of veggies.

Vegetarian Lasagna

Fried Medley

For a lighter take on a takeout favorite, try this Mixed Veggie Fried Rice prepared with Libby’s® Mixed Vegetables. Prepare in a wok with sesame oil and brown rice for a flavorful and colorful dish. Add some spice too to start the new year with a kick.

Mixed Veggie Fried Rice

Ultimate Holiday Side Dishes

Every year many think about ways to reinvent their holiday menu. The main dish of ham or turkey is a classic staple, and normally the most anticipated dish, that you don’t want to tinker with. The sides however are an opportunity to experiment and try new recipes that are equally delicious.


A large holiday spread is the perfect time to spice it up. Libby’s® Canned Vegetables help you serve up flavorful side dishes to complement the main dish with quick and easy recipes. Below are three unique side dish recipes that are sure compliment your spread and have your family and friends doubling back for seconds.

A New Tradition

Trust us, parmesan and creamed corn are the perfect duo to bake into a holiday casserole. This Baked Parmesan Creamed Corn recipe made with Libby’s® Whole Kernel Sweet Corn and Cream Style Sweet Corn is the new staple dish you’ve been searching for and will be a family favorite for many more dinners to come.

Parmesan Creamed Corn

Holiday Mash Up

Swap your classic mashed potatoes with this unique Creamy Potato Carrot Mash using Libby’s® Sliced Carrots. The carrots add a boost of nutrition and the vibrant orange color will surely pop among the other dishes.

Creamy Potato Carrot Mash

Sweet and Savory

With the savory, you make be looking for a little sweet. These Southern Candy Carrots with Gingersnap Crunch are the best of both words. It’s packed with nutrition from vegetables and satisfies a sweet tooth from brown sugar.

Candy Carrots with Gingersnap Crunch