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cinco de mayo

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo With Hearty Bites

Cinco de Mayo, aka the fifth of May, recognizes the Mexican army’s 1862 victory over France during the Battle of Puebla as part of the Franco-Mexican War (1861-1867). While the holiday is relatively minor in Mexico, it’s widely celebrated in the United States as a tribute to Mexican heritage and culture. Traditions include parades, mariachi music performances, street festivals—and of course, food. In the spirit of the holiday, we’ve pulled together three dishes that celebrate Mexican flavors. Fire up your appetite!

Traditional With A Twist

Tortilla soup—or sopa de tortilla—is a traditional Mexican soup consisting of fried corn tortilla bits in a hearty broth of tomato, chili powder and other spices. This recipe for Mexican Tortilla Soup brings two bonus ingredients to the mix: Libby’s® Whole Kernel Sweet Corn and tender chicken breast strips. Add even more deliciousness by topping your bowl with creamy avocado chunks, cheese cubes and sour cream.

Kicked Up Greens

This Mexican Chicken and Corn Salad packs heat, crunch and flavor. Chicken breast seasoned with smoky paprika combines with black beans, a Libby’s® Sweet Corn Vegetable Cup and cherry tomatoes for a seriously hearty—and healthy—salad. Tortilla chips and bacon bits add the perfect textured topping.

Meatless Magic

Celebrate the holiday sans meat with these Mexican Salsa Veggie Burgers. The burgers themselves are packed with tongue-tingling flavor thanks to oregano, cumin and lime juice, and the salsa topper kicks things up yet another notch with bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, Libby’s® Whole Kernel Sweet Corn and cilantro. One bite will bring the party to your mouth.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

With the arrival of May, calendars start to fill with impromptu gatherings and parties at every turn. Kicking off entertainment season is Cinco de Mayo – a holiday to celebrate with great food and drink. Whether you’re feeding a party or your usual crew, celebrate today with delicious dishes that embrace Mexican culture and heritage.



Mexican Lasagna 

Lasagna is always good to feed a crowd, so try this Mexican Lasagna that’s perfect for Cinco! Whip up this delicious meal including Libby’s® Organic Black Beans and hamburger or turkey as your meat of choice. You’ll have your family on their feet dancing for a second helping!

Looking for a kid-friendly favorite with a bit of gourmet flair? Lime and Cumin Chicken Tenders with Fiesta Rice is an easy way to give your kids flavor-bursting chicken and vegetables they’ll love. With fiesta in the name, you can rest assured this meal is Cinco de Mayo ready! 

Mexican Salsa Veggie Burgers

Mexican Salsa Veggie Burgers are meatless, hearty and reminiscent of restaurant-style refried beans – especially if served alongside brown rice. Libby’s® Organic Pinto Beans and Sweet Corn combine forces to give you a burger perfect for the occasion. If you like spicy, mix a pinch of cayenne pepper into the burgers or add diced jalapeno pepper to the salsa.