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Farm fresh process

Peeling Back the Label: A Look at the Libby’s Farm Fresh Process

Have you ever wondered where and how your beloved Libby’s products are grown? Libby’s is an industry leader that brings great tasting and nutritious foods to families all over the world. 

With thousands of acres of contracted farm land across the U.S., Libby’s Fruits and Vegetables partners with American families nationwide to ensure farm fresh product year round.



Libby’s Fruits and Vegetables places special emphasis on the sustainability and ecological well-being of the farms. Agricultural advisors and environmental coordinators map and survey fields to protect ecologically sensitive areas.


Freshly harvested produce is delivered directly to strategically-located processing plants and packed at the peak of ripeness to lock in quality and flavor.


So whenever you enjoy Libby’s Fruits and Vegetables, know that you’re also enjoying decades of sustainable, nutritious farm-fresh tradition. That’s something we can all feel good about.