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Go Green

Let Your Green Gleam this Earth Week

In recent years, “going green” has grown from a suggested practice to a regular lifestyle for many families. If you haven’t yet adopted many environmentally friendly habits, Earth Week is a great time to start and get the whole family enthusiastic about the change. Here are some tips to help you own Earth Week today and beyond!

Minimize Your Carbon Footprint

A carbon footprint calculates how much a person or household contributes to greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. To offset your own carbon footprint, use energy efficient light fixtures and heating systems, take advantage of public transportation, eat locally grown or organic ingredients, and separate recyclable materials from other waste. Encourage your children to get involved by drawing footprints that show what your family does to reduce your carbon footprint.

Eat Organic Ingredients

When organic is printed on labels in the grocery store, it means the food is grown and packaged without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, genetic modifications or growth hormones. Eating organic foods not only provides your body with more antioxidants, but also reduces exposure to pesticides that are harmful to the environment. While some organic foods are more expensive than the alternative, Libby’s offers a line of organic vegetables to help you practice healthy and green eating at while maintaining a manageable budget.

Limit Use of Paper Goods

So many aspects of our lives have converted to the digital realm, from emails to credit card payments to books. By taking advantage of digital conveniences, you contribute less paper waste to the environment. Libby’s helps you limit your use of hard copy cookbooks with our Digital Recipe Box and Pinterest Boards. Browse through our delicious and easy recipe ideas the whole family will love!