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Ham Sandwiches

Back-to-School Recipes with a Twist

Back-to-school season means early mornings, staying alert in class, and after-school sports.

Libby’s® understands that some parents have picky-eaters and need to have a variety of nutritious recipes within reach. Stock up on Libby’s® Vegetable Cups this school year and try out a few of the below quick and fun recipes that will fuel the little scholar in your life throughout the busy back-to-school season!

Pot Pie for Lunch

Chicken Pot Pies aren’t just for dinner anymore. Put a spin on the norm and prepare these delicious Mini Chicken Pot Pies for a nice hearty meal. Even though they are mini, these pot pies are packed with Libby’s® Sweet Peas and Diced Carrots, as well as chopped rotisserie chicken.

Mini Chicken Pot Pie

Roll-up and Go

Laura Fuentes shares how she packs easy bento school lunches for her kids, like Ham & Cheese Rollups. Plus, kids love all things hand-held. In addition, Libby’s® Vegetable Cups are a quick and easy fix to incorporate more veggies into your kids lunch while they are away at school.  

Ham and Cheese Rollups

Fun Shapes

Kids still want to have fun with their food. Try these Gluten-free Cornbread Lunchbox Muffins that are the perfect blend of sweet and savory while providing nutrients kids need to fuel their day. You can even get everyone involved while preparing this delicious meal in muffin pans or fun corncob molds.   

Cornbread Muffins

For more delicious recipes, visit Libby’s® Recipe Box.