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Libby's Jingle

Libby’s Jingle Contest Update: You Voted Dan Bakst as the $10,000 Grand Prize Winner!

America’s votes determined our grand, second and third prize winners

Congratulations again to all of our finalists in the Libby’s Jingle Contest and thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for your favorite video! You selected the following winners*:

$10,000 Grand prize: Dan Bakst
$2,500 Second prize: Jennifer Westcott
$1,000 Third prize: Tim Roberts

Dan Bakst, created his video with friends by setting up a make-shift green screen in an empty room one night after hearing about the contest from his mother. His video, which features Dan and two friends popping out of Libby’s Fruit and Vegetable cans dancing, singing and playing instruments such as the ukulele, received over 1,800 votes making him the winner* of the $10,000 grand prize!

We hope everyone had fun whether you got creative and submitted your jingle contest entry or took the time to vote for your favorites after our partner, Jewel, narrowed it down to the finalists. Congratulations again to all the winners and be sure to watch out for Jewel’s version of the Libby’s jingle to be released this fall on the Libby’s Table Facebook page.

Libby’s Jingle Contest Update: Jewel Selects the Final Four

The Final Four Have Been Selected, and Now It’s Up to You to Pick the Winner!

First, a big thank-you to everyone who entered the jingle contest! After carefully reviewing all the entries, our partner, singer-songwriter Jewel, has selected these four entries (in no particular order) to compete for America’s vote to win the $10,000 grand prize.

  • Jennifer Westcott
  • Tim Roberts
  • Dan Bakst
  • Drew Elam

If you aren’t familiar with the Libby’s jingle contest, we partnered with Jewel to not only remind families of the importance of getting back to the table for mealtime, but also to encourage Americans to come together and show their creativity by remaking the Libby’s jingle. 

To view the finalists’ videos, head over to the Jingle Contest tab on the Libby’s Table Facebook page. You can vote for your favorite video up to once a day, and your votes will determine the $10,000 grand prize, $2,500 second place prize, and $1,000 third place prize winners.

Voting will end Friday, June 17, at 11:59 p.m. EST, so be sure to visit the Libby’s Table Facebook page before then to vote for your favorite video and determine our winners!

Thanks again to all of those who entered, and good luck to the finalists!