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How to Prep for the Worst: Storm Preparedness

Just in time for peak Atlantic hurricane season (and in light of recent predictions that winter 2016 will be particularly harsh), we pulled together simple tips for storm preparedness. Whether you’re at risk for extreme rain, snow, wind or something in between, take these precautions today and ensure your peace of mind tomorrow.      



Safety Comes First


Fully stock a First Aid kit that’s easily accessible. While you’re at it, set aside a seven-day supply of any prescription medications as well as medical items (i.e. contact lenses, hearing aids, glasses, etc.). Also good to stow away: a flashlight (with extra batteries), a battery-powered or hand-crank radio, a cell phone (with charger) and warm blankets and clothing for all family members.

Squirrel Away Sustenance


Section off a corner of your pantry with a three-day emergency supply of food and water. Allocate one gallon of water per person per day. On the food front, non-perishable, low-sodium snacks, like canned fruits and vegetables (Libby’s® has a wide selection) are ideal, as well as canned juice, canned meat, peanut butter, jelly, unsalted crackers, energy/protein bars, trail mix, nuts, cereal and cookies.

Protect Valuables

Store important documents—passports, Social Security cards, birth certificates, insurance policies etc.—in a waterproof container. It’s also a good idea to make several copies of each and stash them in a separate, secure location, like a family member’s house or a locked cabinet at work.

There are plenty more prep tips for all types of emergency situations available through the American Red Cross. Visit the for more.