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Roasted Beet Salsa

Heart Beet-Worthy Recipes

This Valentine’s Day, give your sweetheart the gift of good health with an alternative red treat: beets. These earthy-flavored vegetables are nutritional powerhouses, packed with immune-boosting vitamin C, gut-friendly fiber and essential minerals like potassium and manganese. What’s more, regular consumption of beets has been linked to lowered blood pressure and even decreased risk of heart disease and some cancers. Check out the below beet-centric recipes as you prep for a romantic feast on February 14—these super-veggies are the ultimate key to a happy, healthy heart.

Beet ‘n Greet

Baby toast + beet salad + creamy cheese = bite-sized culinary bliss. Begin your Valentine’s meal with these Beet & Bean Salad Crostini. They’re light yet flavorful, quick to pull together and pair exceptionally well with a bottle of bubbly.

Lettuce Feast on Beets

Continue your beet-tastic evening with this Carrot & Beet Salad. It stars Libby’s® Sliced Beets and Sliced Carrots alongside crunchy nuts and tangy goat cheese.

The Beet Goes On


Done with dinner and craving a sweet-yet-salty treat? We thought so. Pair this Roasted Beet Salsa with your favorite crackers and for a satisfying conclusion to your heart beet-worthy day.