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Warm Baby Green Salad

Celebrate the Pumpkin This Halloween: Guide to Upgrading Your Greens

By Dylan Bailey, MS

With Halloween being a mere 6 days away, it’s time to recognize a favorite of the scary season – the pumpkin! This staple has been used to celebrate Halloween for hundreds of years. Commonly, we see pumpkins transformed into jack-o-lanterns, complete with carvings of just about anything (check out these DIY jack-o-lantern ideas). But, did you ever take pause and notice what is produced while prepping your pumpkin?

Seeds. Lots and lots of seeds. Instead of chucking them out this season, let’s try something different and fun for the whole family.

Also known as pepitas, pumpkin seeds are the unofficial hero of Halloween. Not only are they a nutritional powerhouse, loaded with healthy fats, fiber, protein and necessary micronutrients like manganese (important for metabolism and antioxidant protection) and iron (necessary for growth, development and cell functioning), but they add a crunchy texture and savory bite to just about any recipe, including salads.

Making your own pepitas is a fantastic activity that kids will love and can be done as you carve your jack-o-lanterns. You can follow these steps here to make your own pepitas and get inspired to add pumpkin seeds to some of Libby’s® favorite salad recipes to enjoy post-pumpkin carving.

Taco Salad

Taco Salad

Try sprinkling a tablespoon of your freshly roasted pepitas on top of this tasty Taco Salad featuring Libby’s® Whole Kernel Sweet Corn. The crunch from these seeds will add a nice texture to compliment the tortilla chips and black beans.

Checkered Flag Chicken, Corn and Bean Salad

Checkered Flag Chicken, Corn and Bean Salad

This zesty salad screams for the extra crunch. Dressing with garlic, ginger, red pepper and lime juice among other delicious ingredients will pair perfectly with the roasted goodness of fresh roasted pepitas. Aim to add one to two tablespoons of your pumpkin seeds.

Warm Baby Green Salad with Peas Pistachios and Pecorino 

Warm Baby Green Salad with Peas, Pistachios and Pecorino

Try substituting the pistachios used in this Warm Baby Green Salad with Peas, Pistachios and Pecorino recipe for your fresh roasted seeds. Use a half cup of your seeds to add a savory and nutty bang to this already wonderful salad.

Welcoming a New Season: 3 Tips to Make Summer Salad Friendly

By Dylan Bailey, MS

Today marks the longest day of the year, aka an event called “summer solstice”. Many of us also know this day as the official start to summer! During summer solstice, some places may experience up to 24 hours of sunlight (we’re looking at you northern tip of Alaska). Although bittersweet as each day will become shorter and shorter with less sunlight, we can still celebrate summer for all it is worth. What better way to do this than kicking off the new season with refreshing your salad knowledge?

Salads are excellent means to deliver nutrients packed in a flavor-friendly way, but they can be known to be quite boring. These tips below can help you step-up your salad game this summer as you enjoy the sunshine!

Fresh Herbs for the Win (FTW)

Summer Garbanzo Bean Salad

Herbs make for an excellent addition to any salad with their bursting flavor, and really change the entire dimension of anything they’re added to. Not to mention, they also contain vitamins and minerals like potassium, vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin A. Fresh herbs can even be grown in your kitchen, perfect for a summer project with the kids. For an easy summer salad recipe using fresh herbs, check out this Summer Garbanzo Bean Salad, made with Libby’s® Whole Kernel Sweet Corn and Cut Green Beans.

Get Slaw’d

Summery Slaw

Re-think the traditional salad by going the “slaw” route. Normal salads can be vehicles for greens like iceberg and romaine lettuce, which can be overused, boring and don’t lend tremendous flavor or texture profile. Using cabbage slaw in salads can add a unique mouthfeel and “pop” – perfect for summertime. Cabbage is also high in fiber, low in glycemic load, rich in vitamins C and K, and folate (also known as folic acid or vitamin B9). This Summery Slaw is easy to make and a perfect introductory dish for slaw beginners!

Add Some Crunch with Seeds and Nuts

Warm Baby Green Salad with Peas, Pistachios and Pecorino

Seeds and nuts have significant health benefits and including them in salads is the perfect way to enjoy their splendor. If you can name it, nuts and seeds have it. Protein – yup. Fiber – yup. Healthy fats – yup. Antioxidants – yup. Elevate their use beyond just a snack, as these items can provide a nice texture gradient and wonderful taste (try roasted varieties for an additional level of flavor). This Warm Baby Green Salad with Peas, Pistachios and Pecorino uses pistachios to lend a rich, nutty and earthy taste element.

We here at Libby’s hope that this summer is your best one yet. We also hope that you can use these tips to continue elevating how you think about salads, all summer long!

Peas, Please! Why—and How—You Should Eat More Of These Green Gems

Peas—those tiny, tasty emerald veggies—are sweet in more ways than one. Rich in fiber, heart-healthy antioxidants and essential vitamins, these starchy legumes pack serious nutritional punch in pint-sized form. What’s more, their mild, palate-pleasing flavor blends well in an array of dishes, making them an easy, healthy addition to whatever you’re preparing. Check out our Product Locator to find where you can buy Libby’s® Sweet Peas near you and then get cooking with some of our favorite pea-centric recipes. 🙂

Green on green


Looking for a light yet seriously flavorful lunch (or starter course)? Try this Warm Baby Green Salad with Peas, Pistachios and Pecorino. Sharp, salty pecorino cheese and buttery, crunchy pistachios add a new level of tongue-tingling complexity to Libby’s® Sweet Peas.

Just plain scrumptious


Why does Peas Company Style deserve a place in your personal recipe box? 1) It’s definition easy-peasy: just five ingredients and two simple steps to prepare. 2) It’s undeniably delicious. 3) There’s crumbled bacon on top. Need we say more?

Pea-pleasing pasta


This Little Ears Pasta with Peas, Mint & Ricotta features all you could ever want in an entree—plus more. There’s creamy ricotta, nutty parmesan, zesty lemon, fresh mint, adorably shaped pasta and of course, the main star: Libby’s® Sweet Peas.