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Sweet Peas

Your Guide to Soup

By Dylan Bailey, MS

As we enter into the fall and winter months, there’s nothing better than a simple, nourishing and family-friendly soup recipe that warms us up.

Soups have evolved since researchers think they were first made some 25,000 years ago. A common soup back then would have been a combination of water and a hunk of meat or some other ingredient, boiled to create a broth. But, access to ingredients and preparation methods have changed, making soup a luxurious dish in disguise. Because soups use simple cooking techniques, anyone can master them. Let’s explore the types of soups we can create today, one spoonful at a time!

Types of Soups to Know

Stocks and Broths

Stocks and broths are somewhat similar being that ingredients (like meat, fish, vegetables, herbs) are simmered in water. Bones can be included too, mainly in stocks, to add flavors and texture. Broths are cooked for shorter amounts of time than stocks and can be served on their own. Stocks are thick when chilled and can be used in sauces. Broths form the base for many types of soups, including those we’ll talk about below. Other ingredients are typically added and cooked directly in broths, like minestrone soup. Stocks can be concentrated and sold as Bouillon cubes, which need to be dissolved before using.


Puréed soups use a stock or broth base and are accompanied by starchy vegetables or legumes, including carrots, potatoes or peas. The entire nutrient-dense mixture is then puréed, also known as blended, to form a smooth and creamy consistency.


Think “New England Clam Chowder.” Chowders are cream or milk based hearty soups with large chunks of ingredients. Typically, chowders will feature some type of seafood, but variations can also be made with corn, potato or chicken. Perhaps you’ve also hear of “Manhattan Clam Chowder” – a tomato-based version? There’s some historic debate around if this dish is even “chowder” at all.


Bisques are rich but smooth soups that usually feature shellfish, most famously, lobster. Cream can be added to help thicken the soup. Bisques without shellfish are commonly known as squash, pea or mushroom bisques.


The consommé is a staple of French cooking. It starts with stock and involves a process known as clarifying. This technique clears the soup, using protein-based additions like egg white to attract fat and other particles in the soup. The soup is served alone or with a simple herb or vegetable garnish.

With the help of Libby’s®, you can put your soup knowledge into practice! We’ve provided three soup recipes below so you can try making them yourself using high-quality, nutrient-rich and premium ingredients the whole family will enjoy.

Puréed Example: Carrot Coconut Soup

Libby’s® Sliced Carrots and coconut milk are puréed in a vegetable broth base for this delicious soup. Carrots contain a high amount of fiber and vitamin A, making this a nutrient-dense meal perfect for any occasion. 

Carrot Coconut Soup

Bisque Example: Spicy Sweet Pea Bisque

Courtesy of registered dietitian Deanna Segrave-Daly, RD, LDN, this bisque features a vegetable base instead of the commonly used shellfish base. To thicken the bisque, buttermilk is added. The sweet peas used in this recipe contain high amounts of vitamin C and fiber, and are low in fat.

Spicy Sweet Pea Bisque

Chowder Example: Ham and Corn Chowder

Thick chunks of potatoes and carrots, along with a milk base, form the recipe for this chowder. Instead of seafood, ham and corn are the main ingredient additions. Because there are a few steps to getting this chowder just right, it’s a great opportunity to ask friends and family to cook with you. If you feel the soup is too thick, feel free to add in a bit more milk or stock.

Ham and Corn Chowder Soup

Easy Recipes to Complement Grilled Entrees


Summer is heating up! Host the hottest party of the summer with quick and easy side dish recipes – the perfect complement to your favorite grilled entrees.

It’s the time of year when the scent of hamburgers and steaks cooking on the grill waft through the summer air. And, no one wants to spend warm summer days inside cooking, so here are some tips to  take your kitchen outdoors.

With easy recipes that can be made on the grill, summer entertaining is a breeze. Libby’s® Vegetable Pouches are convenient for creating unique and flavorful staples that are sure to be a hit at any backyard barbeque.

Invite a few friends—or whole neighborhood—and host the party of the summer without spending hours in the kitchen!  

Get the Party Started

Sweet Corn and Tomato Pesto Bruschetta

For a summertime twist on an Italian favorite, try this sweet corn and tomato pesto bruschetta. Toast the baguette on the grill and top with pesto and a mixture of diced tomatoes and Libby’s® Whole Kernel Sweet Corn Pouches.

Skip the Kitchen

Vegetable Medley Foil Packs

No need to spend hours in the kitchen, with these vegetable medley foil packs by Creme de la Crumb because  you can cook them right on the grill. Combine Libby’s® Mixed Vegetables and Sliced Carrots Pouches with some herbs for a flavorful and healthy addition to any meal. Bonus: Individual foil packs make for easy servings and quick clean-up!

Mix it Up

Bacon and Pea Summer Salad

Trade the traditional pasta salad for this lightened-up bacon and pea summer salad by Southern Bite. Just tear open Libby’s® Sweet Peas Pouches, add some dressing and top with cooked bacon crumbles for a side dish that screams summer.

Light & Bright Spring Soup Recipes




As the weather transitions to warmer, brighter days, this is the perfect time to explore a few of our favorite spring soup recipes to keep you warm during the early parts of spring. No need to put the soup pot away just yet, these spring soup recipes are light, refreshing, and will make the most out of the season’s produce.

And, the following recipes are easy to prepare during busy nights. Even better, whatever is left over, you can freeze until the next time the family craves a warm bowl of light comfort food.

Carrot Delight

carrot soup

Try this Carrot Coconut Soup with Libby’s® Sliced Carrots plus creamy coconut milk and fresh thyme creating a vibrant taste of spring in a bowl.

Spiced Bisque

Spicy Sweet Pea Bisque

This isn’t your normal green split pea soup. If you want a bit of heat and loads of flavor, this Spicy Sweet Pea Bisque is the perfect blend of the spice and creaminess. Loaded with Libby’s® Naturals Sweet Peas, buttermilk, chili powder and Greek yogurt, prepare for your taste buds to fall in love.

Easy as 1-2-3

Ham and Corn Chowder Soup

A vibrant array of colors takes over this delicious Ham and Corn Chowder Soup. Preparing this chowder is very quick and simple, and the best part is it’s all cooked in one pot. So grab your Libby’s® Whole Kernel Sweet Corn Pouch, some onions, garlic, carrots, celery and enjoy!

Try the recipes above and for more ideas visit Libby’s® Recipe Box.

Survive the Holidays With Simple Weeknight Dinners

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, holiday season is in full swing. With more holidays just around the corner, your schedule will most likely start to fill up with office, school, and family festivities, making it hard to stay focused on your everyday standards – like getting a nourishing dinner on the table. It can be easy to prioritize your holiday to-do list, such as getting the cookie cutter collection ready, and of course, the so it seems endless shopping trips to guarantee the perfect gifts for everyone, over all other duties.

We know that staying motivated and on track to be healthy during this chaotic time of year can be proven difficult. But, that doesn’t mean your weeknight dinners have to suffer just because your plate may already be full. Follow these simple and delicious meals to get you through the holiday madness that are effortless, nutritious, and delicious all at the same time.

Pea Perfection

Mini Pea Soup Bread Bowls

We absolutely love these Mini Pea Soup Bread Bowls from Lisa at Snappy Gourmet. The bread bowls are versatile – you can serve them as a fun, quick appetizer or as an entrée, and are packed with Libby’s® Sweet Peas. The best part? Total time to create this tasty recipe is only 20 minutes! If you’re looking to save the carbs for your next Holiday meal – serve the soup in your bowl of choice.

Getting the Most out of a Salad

Easy Three Bean Salad

What if we told you that we had the secret to not only a fresh, simple salad – but also one that will awaken your taste buds and come full of vegetables? This Easy Three Bean Salad can be whipped together as a simple solution for a weeknight meal. Try serving as a salad, or get creative and pair with chips and dip right in.

Healthy Wraps, Please!

Easy Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Looking for a fun way to incorporate protein and veggies to make dinner preparation more enjoyable? These Easy Chicken Lettuce Wraps combine all the wholesome and delectable ingredients that will have everyone at the table asking for more. Gather the kids together to help fold the ingredients together for these crispy healthful wraps – a great trick for more family time in the kitchen!

Peas, Please! Why—and How—You Should Eat More Of These Green Gems

Peas—those tiny, tasty emerald veggies—are sweet in more ways than one. Rich in fiber, heart-healthy antioxidants and essential vitamins, these starchy legumes pack serious nutritional punch in pint-sized form. What’s more, their mild, palate-pleasing flavor blends well in an array of dishes, making them an easy, healthy addition to whatever you’re preparing. Check out our Product Locator to find where you can buy Libby’s® Sweet Peas near you and then get cooking with some of our favorite pea-centric recipes. 🙂

Green on green


Looking for a light yet seriously flavorful lunch (or starter course)? Try this Warm Baby Green Salad with Peas, Pistachios and Pecorino. Sharp, salty pecorino cheese and buttery, crunchy pistachios add a new level of tongue-tingling complexity to Libby’s® Sweet Peas.

Just plain scrumptious


Why does Peas Company Style deserve a place in your personal recipe box? 1) It’s definition easy-peasy: just five ingredients and two simple steps to prepare. 2) It’s undeniably delicious. 3) There’s crumbled bacon on top. Need we say more?

Pea-pleasing pasta


This Little Ears Pasta with Peas, Mint & Ricotta features all you could ever want in an entree—plus more. There’s creamy ricotta, nutty parmesan, zesty lemon, fresh mint, adorably shaped pasta and of course, the main star: Libby’s® Sweet Peas.

Food Blogger Picks for Holiday Feasting

Happy December! You survived Thanksgiving and the resulting turkey-induced lethargy. Now it’s time to make room in your refrigerator—and your belly—for more holiday delights. We’ve rounded up four food blogger recipes that fit the bill for festive entertaining. Bonus: they all feature the wholesome, nutritious goodness of Libby’s® Vegetables, so you can make it through this second round of feasting food coma-free. 

Carrot Soup Shooters


Lisa of Snappy Gourmet is the mastermind behind these Cinnamon Carrot Soup Shooters with Maple Glazed Bacon. It’s the type of recipe that sounds—and looks—impressively complicated, but in reality takes less than 30 minutes to pull together. The presentation is where things get fancy: homemade carrot soup (made with Libby’s® Sliced Carrots) is served in a shot glass and topped with crispy, sweet bacon.

Sweet Pea Casserole


Tiffany over at Eat At Home perfected the creamy-crunchy combination in this Creamed Sweet Pea Casserole. The recipe coats Libby’s® Sweet Peas in a special homemade sauce and sprinkles the mixture with French fried onions. 

Skillet Corn Bread


Jen and Sia, the duo that runs Thrifty Northwest Mom, concocted this Old Fashioned Skillet Corn Bread. It’s made with Libby’s® Whole Kernel Sweet Corn and tastes just like that bread your grandmother used to make: sweet, moist and perfectly crispy on top.   

Green Bean Casserole Tartlets


We have Becky at The Two Bite Club to thank for these Green Bean Casserole Tartlets made with Libby’s® Cut Green Beans. It’s an adorable and tasty twist on an old holiday favorite.