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Green Beans

Revamp Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving is the ultimate food holiday! Everyone can enjoy their favorite comfort foods, and we all know there will be leftovers. Instead of the usual reheated Thanksgiving plate or the go-to turkey sandwich, revamp your Thanksgiving leftovers with these good-as-new dish ideas.


Mash Up

It’s the day after and you have leftover mashed potatoes, green beans, and carrots. Put a creative spin on Haylie Duff’s Lentil Shepherd’s Pie to create a new dish your family will enjoy with those delicious leftovers.

Lentil Shepherd's Pie

Sweet and Savory

These Green Bean Casserole Tartlets are sure to be a crowd pleaser. Bake up a delicious grab-and-go dish that everyone will love after a long day of holiday shopping using your leftover green bean casserole.

Green Bean Casserole Tartlets

Deja Vu

It may feel like Thanksgiving all over again with this quick and simple Corn and Potato Casserole with Gruyere. Wow your taste buds by adding a little gruyere cheese, chives, and seasonings to your leftover mashed potatoes and corn for a delicious good-as-new post-holiday dish.

Corn and Potato Casserole

Gobble Up: Last Minute Dishes for the Big Day

Ready or not – Thanksgiving is here! You’ve been preparing for the holidays and getting everything in line, but sometimes things can slip through the cracks and you’re all of a sudden in a time crunch. Here at Libby’s®, we know the importance of getting back to the table and enjoying Thanksgiving dinner together. To help put your mind at ease, we have a few last minute dishes that will keep the whole family happy and full – and they won’t even realize these were last minute!

Stir Up Some Greens

Southern Style Green Beans

Green beans are a classic tradition to the Thanksgiving meal alongside the main course. Try these simple Southern Styled Green Beans made with Libby’s® Cut Green Beans. Simply add onion, potatoes, pancetta, and spices for an easy and tasty side dish. 

Sweeten Your Day

Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots

Brown sugar is a staple ingredient for several holiday dishes – so it’s a must that you have one at the table this Thanksgiving. If you’re in a rush, try this Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots recipe made with Libby’s® Sliced Carrots and just four other ingredients. This delicious recipe only takes five minutes and is easily a crowd favorite.    

Bring Something New to the Table

Easy Pickled Beets

While having the traditional meal is yummy for everyone, why not bring something new to the family gathering? A simple side dish or snack while watching football on the couch are these Easy Pickled Beets, perfect for pairing with a cheese plate and crackers.

Don’t Forget Dietary Restrictions

Vegan Creamed Corn

You may have some family members with dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan. Bring this easy-to-make Vegan Creamed Corn made with Libby’s® Whole Kernel Sweet Corn and vegan ingredients. They will appreciate you remembering their special dietary needs! 

Get Back to the Table with Libby’s: National Family Meals Month

As the days of summer come to an end with Labor Day behind us, there remains a few more weeks of sunny days to spend time outside in the evenings and weekends. Why not enjoy the last moments of warm weather in September by celebrating National Family meals Month™ – the perfect time to get the family together to enjoy wholesome meals.

Here at Libby’s® Fruits and Vegetables, we know how important and cherished time spent together as a family around the dinner table is. We are proud to support this movement for the second year, and encourage your family to do the same.

So, now that a new school year has started, football season is among us, and the temperatures outside are perfect to dine al fresco, it’s time to get back to the table! We’ve rounded up some tips and recipes to help get you started.

Southern Style Green Beans

Did you know that numerous studies have shown that home-cooked meals nourish the spirit, brain and health of all family members? There’s no better reason to fire up your grill one last time this season and cook up some delicious BBQ with a side of Southern Style Green Beans made with Libby’s® Cut Green Beans. Talk about a juicy, nutritious meal.

Family Meals Month

Interesting enough, according to The Hartman Group, 70% of families say they usually or always eat the same things when they’re together! To cherish meals spent together, try getting creative and whipping up new recipes for everyone to enjoy. Libby’s Recipe Box has several delicious, simple, and nutritious meals – including appetizers, side pairings, entrees, desserts, and more.

Pea Pesto Salmon

Throughout the month of September, you can get involved by making a commitment to have at least one dinner spent together as a family a week. Get the table set outside, candles lit, and music playing for the ultimate dining experience. We can’t forget about the most important part – food, of course! The kids will love these Easy Chicken Lettuce Wraps as an appetizer, and for the main course try this light Pea Pesto Salmon to get your taste buds going.

Pledge to Raise Your Mitt to Commit™ and share your experience on social by using #familymealsmonth. Remember to follow us on Facebook @LibbysTable and Twitter @LibbysTable for more family meal inspiration this month and throughout the year.

Haylie Duff Talks Summer Entertaining, Grilling and the Key to a Perfect Outdoor Party

A Q&A Discussion with the Actress, TV Host and Mother

Summer is (finally) here! What do you enjoy most about summer entertaining compared to entertaining other times of the year?  

I am all about summer entertaining! I love to grill and cook outside, so I always love when the weather warms up and we get to bring it outdoors! There are so many ways to get creative cooking outdoors and a lot less cleanup! During an episode of Haylie’s America (in Louisiana) I fell in love with cooking in cast iron over an open flame. I think it reminded me of my Texas roots. Now, my favorite summer recipe is paella cooked outside. Libby’s Sweet Peas Pouch are a perfect addition!

When temperatures climb, the last place many of us want to be is the kitchen. What tips do you have for keeping things cool while cooking? 

Well, one great way is to sip on something cool…like agua fresca! I also tend to eat lighter during the summer. My Pea Pesto Salmon is a great summer recipe because it is nutritious and has a bright flavor to lighten up your taste buds!

Pea Pesto Salmon

What would you say are the two most important components for a hosting a successful summer dinner party?

I always say that a relaxed vibe is the #1 component for ANY successful dinner party! No one wants a stressed out hostess. The 2nd most important would be to consider the warm temperatures! Don’t serve dinner outdoors if it is too warm outside without providing shade and cold drinks! No matter how good the food might be, no one will enjoy baking in the sun. Umbrellas are always a good idea!

Much of summer entertaining revolves around the BBQ. What are some of your go-to sides to serve alongside grilled entrees?  

I LOVE veggies on a grill. Kabobs are always a win. Layering chicken, shrimp, etc. with whole mushrooms is my go to. The mushrooms tend to absorb flavors well and I love keeping them whole. I also really love kabobs with halved sweet onions. For those of you that ready my blog, you know I don’t dig raw onions! I do however love caramelized and BBQ ones…

Editor’s note: Haylie created a special side dish recipe just for Libby’s® fans – Southern Style Green Beans! Check it out here.

Southern Style Green Beans

What’s your favorite summer beverage to serve with a warm weather feast? 

Agua frescas, white wine sangrias, or cucumber infused water! Anything nice and chilled!

Let’s Get Sensible: How to Enjoy a Holiday Classic Reasonably

By Dylan Bailey, MS Candidate

The following 3 words may describe one of the holiday season’s most iconic culinary traditions: Green, Bean, and Casserole. The Green Bean Casserole is a staple in many households for the holidays – and no surprise – the dish was first developed in 1955, meaning this recipe turns 61 this year. Move over mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts, because we have way too much history with this side dish!

Green Bean Casserole is a welcome addition to any holiday table, and is traditionally served in a large casserole dish, family style. For those trying to enjoy food sensibly this holiday season while also indulging, this “free for all” approach can make it difficult to know what a recommended portion size is, or even stick to it. This can lead to consuming more calories, sodium and fat than you had intended to. In fact, research suggests larger portion sizes might play a role in how much food you’re really eating at meals.

To allow yourself to enjoy this classic comfort food, try changing how the recipe is served before it even hits the table – this way you’ll have more awareness and control of your servings, and won’t be as tempted to go for seconds, or even thirds. 

Green Bean Casserole Tartlets

These Green Bean Casserole Tartlets are the perfect solution for keeping portion control in mind. Servings are pre-made and baked into an edible crust! The best part? You’ll still get all the vitamins, minerals and fiber that this dish packs, while keeping portion size under control. Not to mention – these will impress even the pickiest dinner guests. 

Individual Herbed Vegetable Pot Pies

If the Green Bean Casserole Tartlets don’t make it to your table this holiday season, these Individual Herbed Vegetable Pot Pies are also packed with pre-portioned goodness, nourishing vegetables, and take just about 10 minutes to make – giving you more time to get back to the table this holiday season!


The Ultimate Holiday Hack: Libby’s® Vegetable Pouches

‘Tis the season of juggling between creating the perfect holiday dinner menu, planning travel to visit relatives, and finding memorable gifts friends and family will love. Getting back to the table with a hot, nutritious meal can be challenging when your days are filled with holiday prep – and we could all use some short cuts to help us navigate through the chaos.

Here at Libby’s®, one of our favorite time-savers is cooking with new Libby’s® Vegetable Pouches. Whether it be weeknight dinners or recipes for your holiday party, the new Pouches are perfect for any nourishing meal. The best part? They’re microwaveable and cook in less than 60 seconds – helping you prepare dinner in a flash! With five different varieties, including Sweet Peas, Cut Green Beans, Sliced Carrots, Whole Kernel Sweet Corn and Mixed Vegetables – there’s plenty room to make a wide array of meals. To help fuel some inspiration and reduce holiday stress, follow these quick and easy recipes made with Libby’s® Vegetable Pouches.

Side Dish Perfection

Rosemary Ricotta Corn

While turkey or ham is often the center of attention for majority of holiday meals, they wouldn’t be complete without the perfect side dish. This Rosemary Ricotta Corn is pure comfort with its creamy texture and delightful taste. Ready in only 7 minutes, this recipe can be used as a companion to the main dish, or as an easy weeknight meal.

Cheesy Peasy

Cheesy Mushroom and Pea Orzo

Looking for a hearty side dish or entrée to get everyone warmed up from the bitter cold this season? Serve up some Cheesy Mushroom and Pea Orzo for dinner, or at an upcoming holiday gathering. Filled with a mixture of cheeses and vegetables, this recipe will bring plenty delight among all. 

Change Up Your Salad Game

Green Bean and Blood Orange Salad

If you’re searching for a lighter fare that will also awaken your taste buds – look no further. This Green Bean and Blood Orange Salad will kick up your typical salad recipe a few notches and is made with delicious and unique flavors that will be sure to satisfy hunger. This recipe will save time in the kitchen and requires minimal effort!