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Roasted Carrot & Apple Soup

Autumn-Inspired Recipes

Now that summer is officially over, many of us are turning to our favorite fall recipes to help get us in the mood for the new season. You may have even pulled your trusty crockpot out from storage to help you start preparing a few of those delicious, simmering meals synonymous with fall.

Kick off the season right and enjoy the flavors of fall with a few of Libby’s® favorite autumn-inspired recipes. Cozy up to a few new tempting takes on cool-weather classics, including: chili, soup, and casseroles.

One-Pot of Deliciousness

Even the slightest chill to the air, or the first snap of the old pigskin, make us excited for chili. Autumn is the perfect season to round up your favorite ingredients, like Libby’s® Whole Kernel Sweet Corn, and try making Quick Chicken Chili. There will be plenty left over for everyone and the flavors are even better the next day!

Quick Chicken Chili

Perfect Match

As the weather starts to turn, what’s a more comforting and tasty pairing than carrots and apples? Try this Roasted Carrots and Apple Soup using Libby’s Sliced Carrots for a cozy dinner to enjoy at home. This soup is also a great option to pack in an air-tight container and bring to the office for a little something warm and delicious at lunchtime.

Roasted Carrots and Apple Soup

Hearty & Satisfying

Shorter days and longer cool nights’ pair perfectly with a hearty casserole, which delivers on that warm, filling goodness that you crave during the fall. This Corn and Potato Casserole with Gruyere is prepared with Libby’s Cream Style Sweet Corn, Whole Kernel Sweet Corn and Sliced White potatoes, highlighting some of the favorite flavors and ingredients of the season. Your taste buds will be thanking you for this autumnal melody of flavors.

Corn and Potato Casserole

National Soup Month: Three Winter Soup Recipes Everyone Will Love

It’s time to celebrate National Soup Month and warm up with the ultimate comfort food. Who doesn’t love a nice bowl of soup during the winter? It’s quite comforting after the holidays to spend time with family relaxing by the fire, while a big pot of soup is simmering on the stove filling your home with the amazing aroma of savory goodness. We’ve rounded up three winter soup recipes that everyone will love. Now gather up your ingredients and enjoy the smiles around the dinner table as you indulge in a few family favorites.

Throw Some Peas on It

Mini Pea Soup Bread Bowls

Now your family can have them both all-in-one. This Mini Pea Soup Bread Bowl incorporates both the savory taste of warm pea soup and fresh bakery rolls topped with a little bacon, for the bacon lovers.

Carrots and Apples, Oh My!

Roasted Carrot and Apple Soup

The aroma of Libby’s® Sliced Carrots along with apples and the other fresh ingredients in this hearty dish will have you wondering “where has this soup been all my life?” Your family will love this quick and healthy Roasted Carrot and Apple Soup for years to come.

Classic Twist

Southwest Chicken Soup

This savory chicken soup is a simple one-pot dish to fill your family’s winter soup craving. A bowl of this Southwest Chicken Soup will bring smiles to everyone’s face and leave them wanting more.

Fall Fest: Making the Most out of This Season’s Harvest

It’s officially fall time – the air is crisp, party stores are flooded with children purchasing their favorite Halloween costumes, fall foliage sprinkles the sidewalks, and the smell of apples and pumpkin spice fill the air. Fall brings lots of joy, and we’re excited to get back to the kitchen this season and spend time simmering stews, warming soups, baking, and indulging in other forms of cooking to help us get cozy as the temperatures drop. Plan your perfect fall menu with these decadent autumn recipes that showcase the season’s best flavors.

Carrot Craze

Roasted Carrot & Apple Soup


One of our favorite fall vegetables? Carrots! These sweet-yet-earthy tasting root veggies make a versatile addition to any recipe and are chock-full of good-for-you nutrients, including vitamins A, C, K and B8 along with folate, potassium, iron, copper, and manganese. Turn up the oven for this fragrant and delectable Roasted Carrot & Apple Soup. Enjoy as a starter course or a stick-to-your-ribs lunch. 

Beet it Up

Beet & Bean Salad Crostini

This fall, give beets a chance to show off their full nobility with two beet-centric recipes. This Beet & Bean Salad Crostini is the perfect, no-fuss appetizer or hunger-quashing afternoon snack. Craving something doubly sweet and savory to indulge in? Jazz up the classic beet and brie pairing with this party-ready recipe for Pastry Wrapped Roasted Beets and Brie

Spice up a Classic

Creamy Potato and Tuna Bake

Potatoes are a steadfast staple in a wide range of cuisines, and there are many ways to serve them – whether it’s roasted, baked, fried, or mashed. Dress up your classic potato dish with this Creamy Potato and Tuna Bake, made with Libby’s® Sliced White Potatoes and Sweet Peas. It’s a satisfying entrée that will banish the autumn chill and bring comfort and warmth straight to your dinner table.


Change Up Your Menu for Vegetarian Awareness Month

By Samantha Bailey, Registered Dietitian

When you think of October, you likely picture pumpkins, candy corn and scarecrows, but do you ever dream of a plate full of colorful, nutritious veggies? If not, this is your time to start. Why?! October is Vegetarian Awareness Month! Studies have shown that following a vegetarian diet can reduce your risk of serious health conditions (think: heart disease, type two diabetes and high blood pressure). Vegetarian diets are also linked to an increased intake of vitamin C, vitamin E and fiber. Reap these various health benefits by trying a new vegetarian meal at least three times a week throughout the upcoming month. Here are some nutrient-filled recipes to get you started!

Veggie-fy Old Classics

Many classic, meat-centric dishes can be easily—and tastily—updated to omit meat. Case in point: this Vegetarian Lasagna. Libby’s® Mixed Vegetables stand in for ground beef, a flavorful trade that will set you on the right track for achieving your daily serving of vegetables. Serve alongside a warm loaf of your favorite whole grain bread for a filling, family-friendly dinner.   

Vegetarian Lasagna

The New Comfort Food

Soups make a hearty, satiating and naturally meat-less meal option—especially on those chilly autumn nights. When the temps drop, fire up your stove for this Roasted Carrot & Apple Soup. Made with Libby’s® Sliced Carrots, apples and onions and spiced just right with cumin and chives, it’s a colorful, aromatic blend that’s perfect for an easy weeknight dinner or cozy weekend lunch. 

Roasted Carrot & Apple Soup

Spice Up Burger Night

No need to forego burger night just because you’re eating vegetarian. Ditch your regular beef patty for this kicked-up, fiber-filled Mexican Salsa Veggie Burger. It’s concocted with pinto beans, oatmeal, spices, and Libby’s® Whole Kernel Sweet Corn—a winning combo so flavorful that you’ll forget what meat even tastes like. Give it a try and see that experimenting can be fun—and incredibly delicious! 

Mexican Salsa Veggie Burger