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Southwest Chicken Soup

National Soup Month: Three Winter Soup Recipes Everyone Will Love

It’s time to celebrate National Soup Month and warm up with the ultimate comfort food. Who doesn’t love a nice bowl of soup during the winter? It’s quite comforting after the holidays to spend time with family relaxing by the fire, while a big pot of soup is simmering on the stove filling your home with the amazing aroma of savory goodness. We’ve rounded up three winter soup recipes that everyone will love. Now gather up your ingredients and enjoy the smiles around the dinner table as you indulge in a few family favorites.

Throw Some Peas on It

Mini Pea Soup Bread Bowls

Now your family can have them both all-in-one. This Mini Pea Soup Bread Bowl incorporates both the savory taste of warm pea soup and fresh bakery rolls topped with a little bacon, for the bacon lovers.

Carrots and Apples, Oh My!

Roasted Carrot and Apple Soup

The aroma of Libby’s® Sliced Carrots along with apples and the other fresh ingredients in this hearty dish will have you wondering “where has this soup been all my life?” Your family will love this quick and healthy Roasted Carrot and Apple Soup for years to come.

Classic Twist

Southwest Chicken Soup

This savory chicken soup is a simple one-pot dish to fill your family’s winter soup craving. A bowl of this Southwest Chicken Soup will bring smiles to everyone’s face and leave them wanting more.

Ladle Up: National Soup Month

Winter is officially in full swing, and what better way to stay warm this season than by celebrating National Soup Month all January long!



Whether you’re partial to broth or bisque, we have delicious soup recipes that will serve up comforting goodness all month long. Simply mix in your favorite varieties of Libby’s® Canned Vegetables, with meat or beans (or both!), for an easy-to-make recipe that is full of flavor and nutrition. And, don’t forget a side of golden, crusty bread for dipping!

So, ladle up with your favorite bowl of soup and celebrate National Soup Month with your loved ones.


Slow & Delicious


Add some flavor to your chilly nights with Southwest Chicken Soup, made with Libby’s® Whole Kernel White Corn, roasted chicken, trio of beans, and a mix of spices. Combine and cook low and slow in a slow cooker until the flavors perfectly blend.

SW Chicken Soup


Veggie Chowder


This is a bowl of veggies the entire family will love. A delicious mix of creamy coconut milk, vegetable broth, and veggies including Libby’s® Whole Kernel Sweet Corn, makes this Zucchini Noodle Corn Chowder a seasonal must-have.

Zucchini Noodle Corn Chowder


Ladle of Spice


Spice up winter with a warm bowl of Spicy Sweet Pea Bisque made with Libby’s® Sweet Peas and chili powder for a kick. Nothing beats the warmth and creamy satisfaction of sweet pea soup on a snowy winter day.

Spicy Sweet Pea Bisque