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Haylie Duff Shares Tips on Comfort Cooking During the Winter Months

Winter has arrived – the days are shorter, the temperature has cooled, and warm comfort foods are on the menu. From soups to casseroles, there is an endless list of delicious recipes packed with flavorful ingredients to keep you cozy and satisfied this season.  

A slow cooker is a winter cooking must-have. Not only can you set it and forget it, slow cookers have extended cooking times to better distribute the flavors, it tenderizes meat just enough to fall off the bone, there are minimal dishes to wash, and somehow the dish always turns out delicious.

Our Libby’s® team chatted with our partner, Haylie Duff, about winter entertaining tips, discussing her favorite seasonal recipes, tips for having a well-balanced diet, and fun indoor activities for friends and family.

Check out the below discussion for some winter dinner inspiration using Libby’s® Canned Vegetables, which help create quick and nutritious meals that are packed with flavor for the entire family to enjoy!

Haylie Duff shares tips on comfort cooking

Winter is here, but that doesn’t mean you need to skimp on flavor. What are delicious and comforting dishes you love to cook during this time of year?
I love all the warm and cozy recipes that winter brings – there are so many possibilities! But my favorite is my Winter Beef Stew made with Libby’s® Canned Vegetables. I cook it low and slow, and it has tons of flavor. It’s perfect for those chilly days spent by the fire!

Editor’s note: Haylie created a special Winter Beef Stew recipe just for Libby’s® consumers. Check it out here!

What are your go-to seasonal ingredients to include in your winter recipes?
I’m a veggie girl, eating them all year long, and they can be incorporated into so many recipes during these chilly months. In the fall I love making roasted carrots, and with Libby’s® I can enjoy delicious carrots all year long! Right now, Lulu, my littlest one, loves to eat them mashed.

Winter can be dark and chilly, and no one wants to leave their warm house to go to the grocery store. What are some easy and nutritious ingredients to always keep on hand?
I keep my pantry very well stocked (especially since I’ve become a mom!) with lots of vegetables that I can whip up into something tasty. Having a few cans of Libby’s® makes it so easy to cook a variety of dishes at the drop of a hat. My Shepard’s Pie is always a big hit with the family, made with canned peas, corn, and carrots. Yum!

Haylie Duff shares tips on comfort cooking

Slow cooker meals can make cooking a breeze. What are your tips and tricks to making sure every recipe is delicious?
Adding seasoning to your ingredients is really important. Things like fresh herbs always help boost the flavor.

The family can get antsy staying indoors, especially on a snow day. What are your favorite family-friendly games or activities that you can do together?
Cooking together is one of my family’s favorite activities. Ryan will sit on the counter and help me prep the meal. Or if she’s not in the mood to cook, she’ll bring a few coloring books into the kitchen and keep me company.

Haylie Duff shares tips on comfort cooking

Are there any winter recipes that remind you of spending time with family and friends around the table on a snowy night in?
Growing up in LA, we didn’t have too many snowy nights in but we loved to pretend! We would make stews, prime rib, and roast chicken to give you that warm-inside feeling when it’s chilly out. Today, I love the low and slow style of cooking. It’s easy and brings a calm feeling into the home.

Do you have any failsafe tips for hosting a stress-free party in the winter?
Keep your home nice and toasty, nobody wants to be cold once they arrive! Greet them with a cocktail and some delicious appetizers – stuffed mushrooms are my favorite during the winter – before gathering around the table for dinner.

Easy Recipes to Complement Grilled Entrees


Summer is heating up! Host the hottest party of the summer with quick and easy side dish recipes – the perfect complement to your favorite grilled entrees.

It’s the time of year when the scent of hamburgers and steaks cooking on the grill waft through the summer air. And, no one wants to spend warm summer days inside cooking, so here are some tips to  take your kitchen outdoors.

With easy recipes that can be made on the grill, summer entertaining is a breeze. Libby’s® Vegetable Pouches are convenient for creating unique and flavorful staples that are sure to be a hit at any backyard barbeque.

Invite a few friends—or whole neighborhood—and host the party of the summer without spending hours in the kitchen!  

Get the Party Started

Sweet Corn and Tomato Pesto Bruschetta

For a summertime twist on an Italian favorite, try this sweet corn and tomato pesto bruschetta. Toast the baguette on the grill and top with pesto and a mixture of diced tomatoes and Libby’s® Whole Kernel Sweet Corn Pouches.

Skip the Kitchen

Vegetable Medley Foil Packs

No need to spend hours in the kitchen, with these vegetable medley foil packs by Creme de la Crumb because  you can cook them right on the grill. Combine Libby’s® Mixed Vegetables and Sliced Carrots Pouches with some herbs for a flavorful and healthy addition to any meal. Bonus: Individual foil packs make for easy servings and quick clean-up!

Mix it Up

Bacon and Pea Summer Salad

Trade the traditional pasta salad for this lightened-up bacon and pea summer salad by Southern Bite. Just tear open Libby’s® Sweet Peas Pouches, add some dressing and top with cooked bacon crumbles for a side dish that screams summer.

Veg It Out: How to Incorporate More Veggies Into Your Daily Routine

Halloween has come and gone, and holiday prepping is in full swing. Between all of the leftover candy from trick-or-treating, holiday sweets and comforting meals at family and office parties, you’re likely not keeping your daily veggie intake top of mind.

Now is the time most of us could use a boost when it comes to enjoying more greens, especially with kiddos often being picky eaters. Although eating veggies can be looked at as a chore – there are several tips and recipes that will inspire to get your daily dose. Here are some ideas to spice up those vegs:

Sprinkle Some Sweets

Sauteed Peas with Honey and Feta

We all love caving into our sweet tooth – so why not do so with vegetables? There are several ways you can make your greens less boring and add some sweetness to them. Try taking Libby’s® Sliced Carrots and adding a mixture of cinnamon and brown sugar to them or trying this Sautéed Peas with Honey and Feta recipe.

Sneak Them In

Mixed Veggie & Chicken Quesadilla

A perfect way to incorporate more veggies is to sneak them into your favorite recipes. The kids won’t even notice there are greens in Haylie Duff’s delicious Mixed Veggie & Chicken Quesadilla made with Libby’s® Mixed Vegetables Pouch. You can also take classic recipes, such as creamy mac & cheese, and add your favorite Libby’s® vegetables – this way, you won’t have to sacrifice taste!

Dip Them In

Smoky Carrot Hummus Spread

When a snack attack strikes, veggies aren’t always the first thing we crave, but you’ll be much more tempted to eat them when dip is made to dunk in. Bring your favorite veggies with you to work and pack them in lunchboxes with some Sweet Pea Dip and Smoky Carrot Hummus.

Freshened Up Old-Fashioned Eats

This Sunday is Grandparents Day, a dedicated moment to recognize your most special loved ones. Convey your affection by preparing a home-cooked meal with love. In tribute to grandparents—and in celebration of both the past and the present—we compiled the following timeless recipes made anew with a modern twist.  



A Cheesy Classic

Nothing incites mouth-watering nostalgia quite like a classic casserole. But we often think of the dish as a dinner-only entrée. This Cheesy Brunch Casserole proves that’s just not so. Made with Libby’s® Mixed Vegetables, lean ham and your favorite French bread, it’s a savory delight, no matter what time you chow it.

Beyond Basic Mac

True, there’s nothing wrong with your standard Mac & Cheese, but have just one taste of this Kicked Up Mac & Cheese and you’ll never look back. Libby’s® Sweet Peas and Libby’s® Whole Kernel Sweet Corn lend texture and sweetness, panko bread crumbs provide a crunchy topper and diced pimentos tie it all together with a touch of heat.

Cuisine Collision


A classic Italian dish lends inspiration from south of the border in this hearty, finger-licking Mexican Lasagna. Tortillas stand in for pasta noodles and Libby’s® Organic Black Beans, chili beans, salsa, olives and hamburger unite for a flavorful filling.  

Healthy Meals for Every Family


Cooking and enjoying food with your family on a routine basis can help establish long-term, healthy lifestyle habits. Recognizing that many families are often pressed for time, it’s important to note that making a family meal doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or labor-intensive process. The following recipes demonstrate that a healthy family meal can easily be prepared. 


Hot off the Griddle Corn Cakes

Breakfast eaters or not, your whole family will wake up excited for these Hot off the Griddle Corn Cakes. These corn cakes provide wholesome vegetables, taking a more nutritious spin on traditional pancake recipes. No one will want to skip breakfast when you’re making this recipe! 

Quick and Healthy Fried Quinoa with Mixed Vegetables

If your active family needs to fuel up, you’ve got to try this nutrition-packed Quick and Healthy Fried Quinoa with Mixed Vegetables recipe. This recipe is great for athletes of all ages who come home hungry. Mixed with colorful vegetables and ready in a short time, this recipe is sure to become a staple for a busy household! 

Frozen Veggie Pops – Avocado Sweet Pea Frozen Pops

Whether your family’s summer adventures are at the park or the pool, be sure to bring along some Avocado Sweet Pea Frozen Pops. These refreshing treats are packed with vitamins, providing the nutrients you need for all of your fun-filled adventures.

Warm Soups to Fight Cold Weather


The winter weather can be brutal, with winds, freezing temperatures—sleet and snow! That’s why there’s nothing better than coming in after a cold day to a nice hot meal, like a hearty soup.  Here are some soup recipes that will keep your family warm and well fed.



Winter Minestrone

Minestrone is a great soup because of the variety of vegetables — and this one even includes some diced ham for protein.  It’s also a great choice for the cold winter months because the ingredients allow it to serve as a full meal.  Use Libby’s® Cut Green Beans and Mixed Vegetables to add great flavor to this rustic and classic dish.

Vegetable Sausage Soup

The sausage in this dish makes an ordinary vegetable soup into one with diverse spices and flavors. It’s a great choice to help you refuel after being outside in the cold. Use Libby’s® Cut Green Beans, Sliced Carrots and Whole White Potatoes to make a soup that will be a treat for the whole family.

Spicy Split Pea Bisque

Split pea soup is often singular in texture and flavor, but ours is not! This spicy dish calls for some chili powder and black pepper. Salty and crunchy bacon crumbles and a dollop of cool Greek yogurt mix up the consistency and offer a surprisingly delightful flavor combination. However, the peas are the star of this dish, so use Libby’s® Naturals Sweet Peas to get it started; the result will be a soup that is delicious and nutritious.

What’s your favorite soup? Serve it up and share a photo on our Facebook page!