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Haylie Duff Shares Her Favorite Dishes for a Summer Cookout

A Q&A Discussion with the Actress, TV Host and Mother

The temperature is heating up, the sun is shining longer, and the BBQ grills are coming out of storage. Summer is finally here and it’s officially grilling season. The grill is one of the best tools for preparing summer dishes since it’s easy to use and cook meals in a flash, plus who doesn’t love a good cookout? Much of summer entertaining revolves around the grill.

Our Libby’s® team chatted with our partner, Haylie Duff about what summer entertaining means to her and discussed her favorite side dishes for complementing grilled entrees. And, oh yes, we were all craving BBQ after this conversation.

Check out the below discussion for delicious summer side dish inspiration using Libby’s® Vegetable Pouches, which help to create quick and nutritious side dishes for the entire family to enjoy!

Hi Haylie, we’re so excited to partner with you again this year and see what delicious recipes you’ll create using Libby’s® Vegetable Pouches this summer.
I’m excited to partner with Libby’s again and to share a new recipe I created with summer entertaining in mind.

Libby's Vegetable Pouches

Awesome, summer is (finally) here and it’s officially grilling season. Sure, we all love a good BBQ but a cookout is not complete without delicious sides. What’s a quick delicious side dish you love to cook that pair well with BBQ?
My favorite time of year! I love making a Southwest succotash or a super decadent corn pudding using Libby’s® Sweet Corn Pouches! I love anything that cools me down!

What are your favorite BBQ dishes to serve that pair well with the sides listed above?
I haven’t met a BBQ dish that I didn’t like… I live for ribs or a great steak. I tend to take after my Dad and favor dry rubs (Texas style!) instead of sauces.

Yum! Veggies are key to ensuring kids have a nutritious, balanced diet – but it can be tricky to get the them to eat them, especially when there’s hot dogs, burgers, and ice cream available. What are some tricks to sneak in vegetables during the summer?
My daughter loves veggies, so I don’t have to hide them very often!! But one of my favorite ways to sneak them in is with mac ‘n’ cheese balls! You simply add Libby’s® Sweet Peas or Libby’s® Sliced Carrots Pouches in to the mac ‘n’ cheese before you roll it in to a ball.

With the kids, officially on summer break, summer days can be quite hectic. And, the last thing you want to do is spend hours preparing dinner when it’s beautiful outside. Do you have any tips on meal prepping in advance, so that you can get back to spending time with loved ones?
I’m always a fan of slow cookers… it’s next to impossible to mess up a tenderloin. Then I love warming tortillas on the grill with a pan of veggies, like Libby’s® Mixed Vegetables Pouches! Top it with some salsa and I’m a happy girl.

Or a quick simple recipe using Libby’s® Vegetable Pouches, which microwave in less than 60 seconds, meaning no pots, heating containers or lengthy prep time needed.

Are there any summer recipes that simply reminds you of spending time with family and friends around the table?
Steaks & kabobs tend to remind me of my family. My dad makes the world’s greatest steak and every kind of kabob you can think of! I really love a grilled salmon kabob with some fresh dill and lemon.

Do you have any failsafe tips for hosting a stress-free summer BBQ?
Yes! Leave the stress behind!! I really believe that your vibe sets the mood! Pick recipes that don’t stress you out. Things you have made before….

Editor’s note: Haylie created a special side dish recipe just for Libby’s® consumers – Baked Corn Pudding! Check it out!

Corn & Mixed Veggie Baked Pudding

Summer Sides That Brighten Up Dinner

It’s official: summer is in full swing! And while we welcome the warmer weather, steamy temperatures can sometimes wilt your inspiration in the kitchen. Luckily, a superb, summery side dish can salvage any meal. Here are a few tasty and simple-to-prepare recipes that will elevate your dinner from mediocre to mouth-watering. Bonus: all three are prepared sans-oven, so you can stay cool while your taste buds heat up.

Better Your BBQ

Summertime is practically synonymous with BBQs and no BBQ is complete without a proper slaw. For a tasty twist on traditional coleslaw, try Summery Slaw, made with Libby’s® French Style Green Beans and Whole Kernel Sweet Corn. Colorful, crunchy and full of flavor, it’s a sunny complement to any meaty main course.

Freshen Up With Veggies

Fluffy couscous and zesty veggies join forces in this Cilantro-Lime Corn Couscous, featuring Libby’s® Sweet Corn, cherry tomatoes and baby spinach. The dish is harmoniously tied together with a light, flavor-packed dressing made with fresh lime and olive oil. Add it to tonight’s spread and freshen up mealtime in no time.

Add Pep with Pepper

Sometimes, all your food needs is a little kick of flavor. Jazz up any entrée with a generous side serving of Lemon Pepper Parmesan Peas. Made with just three ingredients (Libby’s® Sweet Peas, lemon pepper and parmesan), this sweet-yet-spicy combination will put that pep back in your dinnertime step.    

Summer Salads for Every Occasion

‘Tis the season for light, fresh meals full of flavorful veggies. We all have our go-to salads we make over and over again, but here’s some inspiration to pull you out of your salad rut to create delicious combinations the whole family will enjoy.

Super Food Salad

Dinner salads are a smart way to work in a variety of nutritious ingredients into one meal. Start with a leafy green such as romaine lettuce or spinach, add a colorful assortment of your favorite veggies and top it off with a protein source like hardboiled eggs, grilled chicken, beans, or canned fish.  For added flavor, incorporate fresh herbs such as dill, basil and parsley.  Beware of creamy dressings that can negate the healthy properties of your salad and instead opt for vinaigrette which is easy to make with a few staple pantry ingredients. We like this Salmon & Dill Green Bean salad as a complete meal in a bowl.

Salad for Picky Eaters

While it may seem that salads and kids don’t mix, sometimes picky eaters may be sensitive to particular textures or temperatures.  Mellowing out the intense textures in a salad could help.  For instance, if raw carrots are too rough or crunchy, try using Libby’s® Sliced Carrots and Sliced Beets over a bed of soft spring mix.  Our Beet & Carrot Salad is a great salad to start with.

Appetizer Salad for Backyard Barbecues

Complement your grilled burgers or chicken skewers with a tangy Easy Three Bean Salad instead of a high-calorie potato or macaroni salad.  This versatile salad can be served as a topping with tortilla chips or French bread, a top a bed of lettuce or simply on its own.

Salads in a Snap

With a well-stocked pantry, you can create a fantastic salad in minutes. Keep on hand canned veggies like Libby’s® Whole Kernel Sweet Corn and Libby’s® Sweet Peas plus nuts, seeds, beans, canned fish and dried cranberries. In the fridge, store bagged lettuce and, if you have time, precooked quinoa and precut veggies. With all the ingredients right at your fingertips, a healthy, yummy salad is easy to throw together!